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Teresa's Avatar Teresa 01:23 AM 07-19-2007
I'm trying to find an anti-circumcision (pro-whole, intact and natural!) brochure.
Friend does not want to circumcise, partner does, etc.

I usually send the NOCIRC 'Care of the Intact Penis' brochure, and this one--it features a scalpel on the front and is pretty direct. I think it was from a 'Physicians Opposing. . .' or 'Doctors Against. . .' organization but I can't find anything when I search those websites.

Thought I'd saved it on my computer as a PDF, too, but can't find it anywhere!

Please post or email me directly if you recognize my description.

We just moved and I remember putting them someplace 'safe'--I keep a few envelopes with both pamphlets folded inside so I can address and mail them whenever I hear someone's pregnant.


Quirky's Avatar Quirky 01:36 AM 07-19-2007
While I like the NOCIRC brochures, unfortunately I think the info is too spread out across a number of brochures so to get all the points across you have to give them four brochures.

My fave for hitting all the highlights is the first one listed on the brochure page at
Teresa's Avatar Teresa 01:48 AM 07-19-2007
Never mind--I just found it.

It was at the 'Doctors Opposing Circumcision' website under the Publications section.

It's called "Does Being Born a Healthy Male Require Surgical Correction?" and is written as though intended for a doctor to read.

Here's a link:

kldliam's Avatar kldliam 01:53 AM 07-19-2007
I like to give out these two short articles. they cover it all and the CAC was written by a Pedi (Paul Fleiss).

I also include a short list of valuable websites like:

this one (CAC at MDC)
If they are catholic, Jewish or Cristian, there is a pro-intact website for each religion.