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wfuteach's Avatar wfuteach 11:51 AM 08-08-2007
After thinking over everything you guys said, I decided that even though it is hard for me, I wanted to say something to my cousin who is pregnant with a boy. She is 18 years old, and due in October.

I sent her a quick email to touch base, and then in there I also told her that I had a wealth of information on circumcision that I could share with her if she was interested, and that she could feel free to ask me any other questions about the issue if she had them (of course, I am still learning and would need you ladies to help me, if she did!). I then just told her that my husband and I had decided against circumcision after we had read through everything.

So, I kept it short and sweet to start, and we'll see if I get a response. If not, I think I might just send her the information anyway...if I can get up that much courage.

Thanks for helping to motivate me...this was hard for me to do...

ETA: I figured I was on a roll anyway, so I sent another email (a little more wordy) to another cousin who is PG with her first and isn't finding out what she is having. Fingers crossed there, too!

fruitful womb's Avatar fruitful womb 01:01 PM 08-08-2007
WOW!!!! Good Luck!! Thats great what your doing for your cousins!!!
Keep us posted okay?
kldliam's Avatar kldliam 04:31 PM 08-08-2007
Good for you Wfuteach!!! Trying to protect a little baby from this madness is a very noble thing to do.
Quirky's Avatar Quirky 06:21 PM 08-08-2007
That is awesome. I know it's uncomfortable but I think it's this veil of secrecy and discomfort with the subject that helps perpetuate it -- people are more comfortable making jokes about circumcision than they are about learning about it because at bottom it's completely irrational and they'd rather go LA LA LA and stick their fingers in their ears and turn their eyes away.

I am fully convinced that the reason the national rates are dropping like a rock have nothing to do with the medical profession, which still can't summon up the courage as a whole to step up to the plate and stop this atrocity, and everything to do with people like you who have the courage to speak up in defense of helpless baby boys.
Mommiska's Avatar Mommiska 01:47 PM 08-09-2007
Good for you! It can be difficult, and a bit uncomfortable, but it is worth doing - I agree with Quirky - lots of little boys are being saved simply because someone cared enough to make sure their parents got the relevant information.

I always just send the info, without asking if people want it, though. I did that the first couple of times (asked if I could send the info) - one person said yes (and left her son intact) and one person said 'no' (her son is circed, even though I pressed the issue and ended up sending info anyway).

I think the friend who said 'no thanks' to the info was always going to circ - she didnt' want to be different from her friends. But it made it very awkward that she'd refused the info (I felt very upset, as she was asking all of her other friends for their opinions on this topic), and she felt defensive when I pressed the issue...

Anyway - for what it's worth, that experience taught me just to send the info with a very nice baby gift! They can always ignore it if they want, but it makes me feel better to know that they have it...

Thanks for reaching out to your cousin!
joybird's Avatar joybird 06:32 PM 08-09-2007
I think you'll be glad you did.

When my dp's SIL was pregnant I sent her a bunch of info. She was on the fence about the subject at the time and said she'd probably let her dh decide. It turned out the baby was a girl.

She is now pregnant again and she's told her hubby (my dp's brother) that she will divorce him if he tries to circ the new baby. So it does pay to get the info out there, even if you have to wait to see the results.