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glongley's Avatar glongley 02:23 AM 10-12-2007
Please widely distribute the newsletter from ICGI, linked below. To the best of my knowledge, this is by far the largest outreach on the issue of genital integrity ever done for physicians. Thank you Dan Bollinger, and everyone making this possible, for your efforts.

With address space for mailing:

As a handout:

This newsletter was recently mailed to 34,000 pediatricians in America to address serious concerns about the current push from pro-circumcisionists to get the American Academy of Pediatrics to recommend circumcision for infants, based on 3 studies done on adult males in Africa. The AAP is currently revising their circumcision statement, and will soon be meeting for their annual conference in San Francisco October 26-30, 2007.

The International Coalition for Genital Integrity (ICGI) has compiled the most current, pertinent information that all doctors in America who work with children need to have. This newsletter covers information on foreskin care, recent research on circumcision and sexuality, and addresses how troubling it is to extrapolate studies done on adult males in Africa and apply them to policies for newborns in America.

Please help distribute this newsletter to doctors and other healthcare
providers in your area - make copies and hand them out to your local OBs, family practice doctors, midwives, health departments, and follow up with your local pediatricians to see if they have received a copy. All doctors working with children will benefit from this information.


Edited to add: The type face problems on certain captions in the above files have now been corrected. The above files are correct. Green light to spreading these around!

fruitful womb's Avatar fruitful womb 03:27 AM 10-12-2007
Absolutely! I'll work on that RIGHT NOW!

Thanks Gillian
tammyswanson's Avatar tammyswanson 07:26 PM 10-12-2007
Thanks! I will spread the word, FW led me to this one!
fruitful womb's Avatar fruitful womb 01:52 AM 10-15-2007

I have 28 documents prepared for snail mail tomorrow! I've sent three via e-mail. Originally I thought about creating a newsletter with the documents at Kinkos but it cost 3 something for each newsletter. Little much for my budget right now. But the printer did a fine job as far as quality goes.

Thanks again for presenting the opportunity!

jessjgh1's Avatar jessjgh1 01:24 AM 10-22-2007

gridley13's Avatar gridley13 03:02 AM 10-22-2007
Thanks for bumping, I missed this. Will send some out.
vaughnmama's Avatar vaughnmama 05:03 AM 02-14-2008
thixle's Avatar thixle 01:26 PM 02-14-2008
I missed this one too!
Thanks, printing now
hipumpkins's Avatar hipumpkins 01:47 PM 02-14-2008

2crazykids's Avatar 2crazykids 01:52 PM 02-14-2008
I'm on it!

Will be sending this to all the doc I know!