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laralou's Avatar laralou 01:08 PM 07-30-2003
Has anyone seen this new show on FX? I thought I would mention it because the son of one of the main characters is upset that he wasn't circ'd. His girlfriend finds out and changes her mind about sleeping with him. In the second episode, he decides to circumcise himself since his plastic surgeon father and his father's partner refuse to do it for him.

Not a great portrayal.


Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 01:18 PM 07-30-2003
They did a stupid storyline on sex and city similar to that. One of the girls is wierded out by her boyfriends intact penis. So he decides to get cut (how stupid is that). Then he dumps her because he has to have a coming out party for his new penis :

Sorry but anyone that is willing to cut off a body part for someone else has some serious problems.
laralou's Avatar laralou 01:28 PM 07-30-2003
I just felt the scene with his girlfriend was so implausible for so many reasons, but I certainly don't think if a girl was in love with you she would care at all about your intactness.
velveeta's Avatar velveeta 01:32 PM 07-30-2003
Ahem! A lot of women *prefer* an intact man!
nomadic's Avatar nomadic 01:56 PM 07-30-2003
I wonder how Julian McMahon (the other doctor, not the boy's father) felt about that storyline - he's Australian and presumably intact himself ...

What reason did they give in the show for refusing to circumcise him?
hvl25's Avatar hvl25 01:58 PM 07-30-2003
Originally posted by jeanvanzyl
Ahem! A lot of women *prefer* an intact man!
I agree. My ex was , but my DH is not, and I wish he was. I would never tell him this of course, I think he would be really hurt and think maybe I wished I was with the ex, which is sooo not the case.
laralou's Avatar laralou 02:43 PM 07-30-2003
I meant that (especially in your first sexual relationship) you aren't likely to care that much either way if you truely love the person.

That is interesting about the other actor. I wonder what he does think.

They initially didn't circ him because he was a preemie, but neither doc wants to do it now because there is no reason to. The partner talks the other doc's wife out of a boob job for the same reason. It is too bad they aren't inundating him with good points to having his foreskin.
Britishmum's Avatar Britishmum 08:20 PM 08-01-2003
presumably as time goes on and less boys are circ in the US, girls will get more familiar with the sight of an intact penis and peer pressure will get less.

It's so odd, as in the UK I'd imagine most girls would be grossed by the sight of a circ'd penis.

What a strange culture this is. :
somemama's Avatar somemama 09:46 PM 08-01-2003
Originally posted by Britishmum

What a strange culture this is. :

Amen, sistah!!