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Originally Posted by carriebft View Post
But there are soooo many MDs that don't think that-- MDs in australia calling for the ban, MDs in New Zealand talking openly to papers about the wrongness of it all, MDs in Brazil laughing off the idea that circumcision would be a way to fight AIDS, MDs in Canada and Britain just saying its not necessary, MDs in Finland, Denmarkm etc actually wanting it to be illegal. I don't think your idea that "most" MDs would react that way is in any way supported by world wide evidence.
I think you missed my point. It was that MD's (and truly, all of us) tend to see research in the context of how it supports or refutes the ideas they already hold. Old ideas die hard. The fact that MD's in other countries don't view the research the same way actually supports what I am saying.

Personally, I think the best tactic is to get insurance co's to treat RIC as "elective surgery". That would probably make the rates drop faster than anything.
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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Unfortunately where I live it seems all the mainstream parents do circ. I know one non-"hippy" mother whose son is intact, she's a pretty independent thinker though. It came up when a bunch of us moms got together once and the other moms were shocked. One was even like "I thought it was required!"

So I'm very skeptical of those statistics, I'd guess the rate is at least 90+ % here. However it's done more often in the pediatrician's office here than in the hospital so that would account for lower rates reported by hospitals.
I see you are in NC. My cousin is in NC and she asked me about circumcision when she was pregnant last year (they didn't know the sex of the baby).

She is a very independent thinker, and I immediately told them that my ds was intact and that I'd send her info about circumcision.

She said they were leaning towards circumcision, but she was happy to read anything I sent.

Within 2 hours of me sending info, she wrote back saying she couldn't believe that was legal, and there was no way in h*** that was happening to her child.

Of course, her dh said they needed to talk to friends who had had their sons cut, so that they had 'both sides' of the issue.

All of her friends (I think she had 5 with boys) had cut their sons, but two of them regretted it (and she said that the others didn't realise there was a choice).

Just anecdotal evidence, I realise...but it shows how important it is to get the information out there.
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Originally Posted by carriebft View Post
North Carolina, I believe, dropped medicaid funding of circumcision, so the numbers are probably much lower than you think for that reason alone. I believe the state numbers stand around 60% in NC.
I guess it IS turning into a class thing then, there was a lot of controversy a few years back that dropping the medicaid coverage was "classist" because poor boys would be intact while middle- and upper-class kids would be circ'ed.

In my son's pre-school classroom (Montessori), he's been attending since 20 months and I have seen most of the little boys being diapered at some point, I was always curious if DS was unusual or not. The fact is out of 10-12 boys the only one I saw to be intact was a child adopted from Guatemala at a year old. This school is kind of price-y, most of the families are well-off and driving like Lexus or Toyota SUVs. I was actually quite surprised that in this demographic the circ rate was so high.

I am also a member of a women's club that is more of a mix of mainly middle-class income, most of the moms work but even if they are struggling they have private insurance. They all have kids under age 8 or so. This was the group that was shocked to learn that my son and the one other woman's son are intact.

I don't think I really know anyone on Medicaid so I couldn't comment on that. Although, my understanding is that Medicaid covers roughly 50% of all births in NC, so if the circ rate is still 60%, and presumably some non-Medicaid folks choose against circ -- that means quite a few Medicaid recipients are coming up with the $$ for the procedure anyway.
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The classist argument is one I have heard before, but I just see it as a waste of tax dollars to be doing cosmetic surgery, which is normally the line of reasoning that makes states stop offering it...they kinda realize that there are waiting lists and things that NEED to be covered, and they can save hundred of thousands by not covering genital cutting.

No doubt people find a way around lack of funding, but stopping funding has been a integral part in changing attitude on circumcision in many countries. The best example that most people can understand is can go back and look through the news and public opinion pieces on the issue as it was defunded and you slowly see that it leads to public opinion change.

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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
This school is kind of price-y, most of the families are well-off and driving like Lexus or Toyota SUVs. I was actually quite surprised that in this demographic the circ rate was so high.
I am always curious about this sort of thing as well. Maybe the demographic is different here in northern Cal, but my experience is that intactness is more common in the more educated families, which does not always translate to income, but it is a segment of insured parents who say NO to circ.

Two of my sons have attended Waldorf schools and that set, just from casual observation, has a higher incidence of intact boys (I was a volunteer for day-care and supervision).
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