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Makes me glad I had girls!!
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My first son was circ'ed without my permission, my mother consented because I was under age, however had I been knowledgable I would have left him whole.

My 2nd son, graciasly born at home, circ'ing wasn't even mentioned. I was criticized by my family afterward, but they just figured since he was born at home it wasn't possible to circ him, so they dropped the subject.
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When I had ds, I had made a birth plan saying no circumcision. After he was born and they put him in the bassinett, they asked me if he was being circumcised and when I said no they stuck a sticker on his bassinett that said "NO". I didn't have anyone push me to circumcise him after that. It was a big decision for us. I am very upset that they would treat you and your son that way. I'm thankful that you were able to stop them from taking him away. I would definately write a letter to them. Congrats on the new little boy!

Megan 8.10.99
Jacob 10.22.01 Intact
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Sort of OT, but kind of in-line: After Will was born, I "had" to stay in hospital for three days (he was still in NICU, so rather than check myself out then commute, I just followed hospital procedure and stayed until he was released). So the nurses would bring pills in the morning and evening - pills that the doctor had ordered (pre-natals and I don't know what else, occasionally pain pills).

When the first nurse brought all these pills for me to swallow, I told her I couldn't pills - never had been able to, probably never will. She said fine, she'd mark it on my chart, and could my husband bring my pre-natals from home. Sure could.

Imagine my surprise (and irritation) when the pills appeared in the evening. I refused them again, again telling the nurse I couldn't swallow pills. Same routine the next two days. Finally, the last day of my hospital stay, a nurse came back on duty who I'd seen before. She brought me my pills and asked if I'd like to "try a little harder this time - the doctor doesn't like it if you don't take your pills"!!

I told her (not very pleasantly - I was quite tired and just wanted to GTHO) that I didn't give a fig if the doctor liked it or not - I hadn't swallowed a pill in 23 years, and I highly doubted that I would magically be able to swallow these, even if I 'tried a little harder'. I also told her not to come back in my room.

Last month, I went to look at my hospital records and just out of curiosity, I looked at the nursing notes. Not one of those nurses had noted that I can't swallow pills! Every single one of them wrote "PT refused". Hello!! I refused for a reason, not just b/c I was having a tantrum! I'm in the process of making sure the hospital is NOT reimbursed for all those pills that I didn't take. I sincerely hope they take the cost out of the nurses' paychecks. All it would have taken was for ONE of them to note "PT cannot swallow pills", but no one did. They even brought me pain pills, which I had to chew up and swallow. Let me tell you, most pain pills do not taste good. A lot of them make me gag - not fun when recovering from a c/s.

So the point of this long, OT story is that I understand your frustration (I realize swallowing pills is not the same as circumcision, but YKWIM). Even if their repeated offering of the circumcision was completely innocent, it's still carelessness - read the #($*# chart, already!

Congratulations on your new (intact) son, Lisa!
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Congrats on your new son Lisa!!

How horrid that they asked 6 times!!! I am so glad you are going to write a letter. I do not think it is accidental either. Its probably enough to pressure a mom who is waivering about it. ARGG!

With my son they didnt ask me to sign any papers.....right when he was born and they took him over to do the foot print, etc etc I kept saying "dont circ him" LOL I was paranoid they would do it right then and there. She said "we wont!" They did do the VIT K and the eye goop even though my plan said NO and I was irritated! But I asked to go home when he was 12 hours old and they let me, they just had the ped come pop his head in our room (I didnt let him out of my room up until that point) and said "you want me to circ him before you go?" I said NO! Then right after that they said to discharge him he had to go be weighed bla bla bla, so I did let him go then but I said "if you CIRC him I will sue you!" LOL He is intact.


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Every time I hear stories like this I'm happier than ever with the hospital I birthed at. At one pre-natal visit a nurse asked if we were planning to circ. We said no and her response "good for you."
At the birth classes given by the hospital we learned the procedure was no longer done in the hospital -- you had to schedule with you pediatrion for an office visit later if you wanted it done. And they showed pictures of the procudre and recovery that fully convinced my husband that we wern't going to do that to our baby.
I didn't like everything about the hospital but they never mentioned circ at all and even the on call delivery doctor read the birth plan and was very repectful when talking to us about procedures and things he felt were necessary.
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So glad that my three sons were born at home.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

~ Upton Sinclair ~
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Originally posted by applejuice
So glad that my three sons were born at home.
Wish my one had been. Hopefully the next one will be...

Lisa, mama to Orion (7) , Fiona Star (born sleeping @ 38wks 12/6/08) , our bitty (m/c 7/27/09) , and Charlotte Athena (11/5/10)
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I was VERY drugged up for 99% of my stay at the hospital (mag sulfate) and it made things very very fuzzy.
And you still managed to ward off the vultures? Congratulations! You are so strong! What a lucky baby to have such a wonderful mommy!

Happy letter writing. You've already proven your strength and determination to protect your son, now it's time to fix the problem for other little boys. =)
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Originally posted by Lisa_Lynn

Later that evening Nurse *4* asks if he's being snipped the next day. OMG come ON people, that's SIX people asking about circ'ing my son, five of them AFTER it should have been clear from one of our charts that no way was this happening!
I hope you made a complaint to the hospital about this. That is just unacceptable.
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So, since you linked to this from the other thread...did you ever write your letter? Asking a woman doped up on mag to give "informed consent" is unethical anyway...the fact you WERE to fuzzy to remember clearly should send off alarm bells all on its own. Write that letter...even now, a few months later.
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