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Konur's Mom's Avatar Konur's Mom 12:46 AM 10-24-2003
Konur woke up this morning with an infection under his forskin. It is red and the skin is swollen. It had some green dried stuff on it and I pulled it off and a hair about 4 inches long came out of his penis. It must have worked its way up between the forskin and hte penis. I think it broke off though, when I was pulling it, so I think there is a little left in there. My hair is not too long, so it shouldnt be much. He is 2.5 years and the forskin is very tight still, so there is no way for me to get it out. There was also some puss with it. Will it work out on its own? I gave him a warm bath and will keep doing that throughout the day.

I called my homeopath and she gave me BelleDonna and Calindula for a wash, I am also putting EBM on it. Is there anything else I can do for him? If I take him to an MD they will just suggest antibiotics right? They cant do anything differently with his forskin right now with it being so tight.


I posted this on another forum and was told to post it here. To update, it does look better now. I have given him 3 baths today also. Any more suggestions or had this happen to you?

Teresa's Avatar Teresa 04:09 AM 10-24-2003
Hi Lori,
I would just soak the little guy!
Keep him in a warm clear-water bath for as long as you can.
Depending on your home, I'd also let him run around naked as much as possible .
Hope he's 'all clear' a.s.a.p.
DesireeH's Avatar DesireeH 05:05 AM 10-24-2003
I would avoid the MD if at all possible. If you do go to a dr (if it gets worse) then stay right there and inform them NOT TO RETRACT IT. Alot of dr's have zero knowledge regarding the intact. I think the soak should help.
Frankly Speaking's Avatar Frankly Speaking 09:38 AM 10-24-2003
We've had quite a few of the exact same symptoms reported here and elsewhere and in every case, the problem has self resolved within 24-36 hours. There has been no medical intervention in any. I really wish someone would find out specifically what this is just so we will know. It seems in every case, they symptoms are on the wane before the doctor can get involved. Very puzzling!

SagMom's Avatar SagMom 09:54 AM 10-24-2003
Originally posted by Frankly Speaking
I really wish someone would find out specifically what this is just so we will know.
When my son had these symptoms, our doc explained that it was caused by the foreskin beginning to be released. Sometimes some irritation occurs, causing the redness/swelling. He said it was a perfectly normal part of the process. He offered a topical antibiotic if it seemed get infected, but we did warm tubs and ds rinsed with a squirt bottle of warm water when he needed to urinate. Like you said, in a day or so it was perfectly fine.
Konur's Mom's Avatar Konur's Mom 12:12 PM 10-24-2003
Thank-you all so much!

I believe this one was caused by a hair being lodged between his penis and forskin and irritated it. I believe there was an infections because there was green hard flakes stuck to the outside and white liquid inside as far as I could pull it back, which is a tiny bit since he is so tight.

This morning things are so much better! It looks totally normal and he says it isnt warm anymore. Should I continue the homeopathic treatment for another day to be sure?

It is good to know other people have gone through this, too.
Gitti's Avatar Gitti 04:46 PM 10-24-2003
Glad to hear the problem resolved itself as those things so often do. We just have to be a little laid back and not rush to the doctor too quickly.
As far as continuing his treatment, I really don't know. We never did anything when there was no problem. Our grandson only had one episode with pain and that was shortly after his mom quit nursing. He was only about 16 months and just would not nurse any longer and she ran out of milk! Anyway, I was baby sitting. Everything was fine. Suddenly he screamed and pulled on his penis. I asked him to show me exactly what was wrong. He pulled off his diapers and pointed straight to the opening of his penis. He screamed so hard that he broke out in sweat. And then he urinated all over the place. Right after that he just cried a bit longer but not in that loud scream. His grandfather had already called his mom home. By the time she got home, he was playing like nothing was wrong. He never ran a fever and never had it again. We suspected he had a little infection and the sterile urine washed it clean. Good thing we live out in the country or I would have had him in the emergency room. LOL
Anyway, the moral of the story: sometimes it's best to calm down and wait a while before going to the doctor. The body will heal most things given the chance.
Sarah's Avatar Sarah 07:52 PM 10-24-2003

I'm glad your son is doing better, I would just like to urge all parents to take the possibility of a hair wrapped an appendage (toe, finger, penis) with a LOT of seriousness.

When there is a potential of mechanical strangulation, herbs are not going to help... and it is always best to be safe than sorry...

Love Sarah
Konur's Mom's Avatar Konur's Mom 10:06 PM 10-24-2003
Sarah, I didnt even think it was wrapped around, I know I got most of it and it came easily, so it was not wrapped around it. My friend took her DS to the ER with a hair wrapped around his cut penis and they just cut it off. Like you said, it is better to be safe than sorry. I would not have given him herbs to correct that situation as you implied in your post. They are appropriate for some things but not for others, I do know that.
copslass's Avatar copslass 12:58 AM 10-25-2003
You did exactly what I would have done in that situation, so, of course, you did the right thing! LOL
Actually, you showed patience, wisdom and serenity,whichgo a long way in health matters.
The problem with rushing to the doctor is that they are so untrained, generally speaking (although I saw one mom who obviously has an unusually educated one) that they either forcibly rectract the foreskin, causing problemsthey can later recommend circ for, or they just recommend circ first thing, or second, after antibiotics.
We have to remember that not everyone is as informed as we are.
Your ds is truly blessed to have you! Glad he's feeling better already!
Konur's Mom's Avatar Konur's Mom 02:34 AM 10-25-2003
Tracy thank-you! That was so sweet!
copslass's Avatar copslass 02:58 AM 10-25-2003
Thank YOU.

Just an honest observation!

Now, in a few years, when he's asking for the car keys, remind him that he owes you big time!
Konur's Mom's Avatar Konur's Mom 12:17 PM 10-25-2003
Yea, and remind his wife/gf/bf/husband that s/he owes me, too!

I was going to put wife, but then who knows if he will get married, so I had to put girlfriend. Then I though, heck, he might be gay so he may have a husband or boyfriend! Anyway, they will thank me, too.

menudo's Avatar menudo 01:34 AM 10-30-2003
I came here for the same problem. 2 yo DS penis is kinda red and swollen, their is a white substance under the foreskin (which is retracting a bit due to the swelling). It doesn't seem like just smegma. I put EBM on it and some yeat stuff (I knnow, but it was panic, not enought to matter). He asked for ice and held it on there! Then he said "Help me Mama!" This thread has calmed me a bit.

We are currenlt btwn Docs so Icalle da LLL leader who is also a pediatric nurse. She said bring him by her tomorrow night but did mention he made need antibiotics..hmmm. I have almost no $$ for alternatives (we are a family of 4 living on less than $300 a week) so this time I am iffy already. (I have full medical prescription coverage of course...go figure.) Dh has DS in the day so I told him nudiity all day!!!! DS is resisting baths!

And about the hair-I know first hand, at 4 months a hair almost amputated half of a DS toe!
Konur's Mom's Avatar Konur's Mom 01:38 AM 10-30-2003
I got the Belladonna for 5 dollars and the calingula for 10, cause I got the organic kind, so it is not expensive. I am sure you are aware of the dangers of anitibiotics and how homeopathic treatments have no side effects. Of couse, you also have to have them available to you for them to work. I dont know where i would look if it were for my friend who is a homeopath.

Keep us posted.
menudo's Avatar menudo 02:06 AM 10-30-2003
Oh yeah, I forgot to add I must travel up the VERY dangerous highway (where my van was totalled with DH and DS in it last month) for the closest Whole Foods which sells alternatives. Yeah, I live in a major metropolis w/ the only freakin' county where we sell nuthin' but junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will go if necessary but I will not have an opportunity until late Saturday maybe, ugh!!

I know you can buy it online but those shipping costs are killer, whole diff. thread...

iwill update you tomorrow, Ihope the EBM helped. I have only seen one infected penis beofre, it was my friends son (circumcised) and it was caused by antibiotics and illnesses from a formula allergy. Needless to say she is breastfeeding ther new on, but he was circ'd....
TigerTail's Avatar TigerTail 03:02 AM 10-30-2003
Originally posted by Konur's Mom
My friend took her DS to the ER with a hair wrapped around his cut penis and they just cut it off.
sorry, in a circ forum, that sentence just made me flinch! lol, i knew what you meant tho'!:LOL

glad he's feeling better!

menudo's Avatar menudo 12:18 PM 11-01-2003
UPDATE: He seems fine and never saw my friend. I am thinking it was irritated w/ a tinge of "infection" due to diapers, him touching it, and his persistance of trying to stand and pee (we tried tuck and it but NO!). HE has yet to pee in (or on) the potty but he will stand on the side and stretcccccccccccccch it over (while saying "it won't work!!) but it hits the rim, pretty germy there. Also, due to all that at the nautral erections boys age 2 get, I think the foreskin retracted a little more, just from what I see.

I may try to go to Whole Foods later, it scares me. But if I take the backroads it'll take me close to an hour cause it is way out the way, being I live on the main highway....