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I hope it's not a problem to post this article here.  It's just amazing to me how in the makes the whole world go 'round.  I just can't stand it.

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I saw that, too. It makes me crazy. Most of the worlds' men are intact and their parts are not rotting and falling off. Really... this kind of stuff makes me crazy. My 16 year old son is intact and has had NO issues. None.
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I think we'd save even more if we just castrated them at birth.  shrug.gif

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I'm sure none of that change has anything to do with crappy sex ed, condoms being disturbingly expensive, and the US's general weird attitudes towards sex. Nah, must be the circumcision. 

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Saw it on Yahoo Health news, with barfeliciously selected studies (such as Kenyan men report improved sensation after circ, yeah right)... I view this as a desperate attempt to cut off more infants' genital-parts as American society finally reaches lower rates - the doctors and industry have to stop that somehow. It's also funny how the Yahoo article cited a doc who couldn't say whether the European men who are rarely circed have higher STD rights (they don't, which he obviously knows but doesn't want to admit). The lies digust me.


Disclaimer: I'm European living in the US. I was never able to wrap my head around the circ cult.

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I just saw this too. :(


It's all about money and insecurity.

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It's not even "all about the money'", as there is no real sound evidence to back up these numbers. I don't imagine circumcision is cheaper at all. I think the people who came up with that estimate are mistaken.

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What about all the money we'll save not paying doctors to cut up baby genitals? I'd like to see them factor that in.

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From what I can see, it looks like the article claims that not circumcising causes a lifetime increased medical cost of $440 per couple.  Since this is about the cost of a circumcision itself, I would say it all evens out.

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