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eviesingleton's Avatar eviesingleton 12:47 PM 02-02-2007
A lot of times we talk about our frustration with mothers and fathers who, while they are generally liberal/progressive in most areas (breastfeeding, anti-CIO, etc.) will shock and disappoint us with their position on male circumscision.

But have you ever run into any unexpected allies?

One of my former co-workers is pregnant and I ran into my former supervisor who is very conservative about most things. She told me about Jessie's pregnancy and gave a few annoying opinions about what she thinks twentysomething graduate students should do when they get pregnant. Then she said, "I just pray to god she doesn't circumcise if she has a boy."

DocsNemesis's Avatar DocsNemesis 04:44 PM 02-02-2007
Yep, I've seen it both ways...uber crunchy mamas who still circ and ultra mainstream parents who decide against it.