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Is this pregnancy flying by or going unbearable slow for you?

I can't BELIVE how fast it's going for me! I'm almost seventeen weeks already, and the halfway mark is right around the corner. It honestly feels like I just got a BFP last week!

Mama to DS R (June/06), DD K (September/07), DS M (October/08), DD R (June/09)... waiting for #5 in late 2013!!

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Dragging. Only because the nausea makes everything so unpleasant. Once it passes I imagine things will start flying by.

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Totally dragging. Of course I still can't even believe I'm pregnant. It was such a surprise that I still don't really think it's true .
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A bit of both. Because of the m/c in January I have been pregnant almost constantly since November... I should be 27 or 28 weeks now... so when I think of it that way, it's dragging... I'm going to have been pregnant for a solid year when this babe arrives.

But otherwise, it seems to be flying because I'm out of the first tri and starting to relax. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone, but it does to me. I also find that if I am thinking about it all week "ooh, I'll be 16 weeks on Sunday", it seems to drag, but if I am not paying attention, it suddenly hits me.

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Umm both.
15 weeks tomorrow... and the math nerd in me knows that is 3/8 of the pregnancy completed!
But the sicky sicks make time drag on.
I am guessing that as the weather gets nicer, time will go by faster!
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The first 9 weeks were dragging b/c of bleeding, feeling sick and just worrying. I'll be 15 weeks on Sunday and weeks 10-15 have flown by b/c I feel great and I think I have more to do now that it's getting nicer outside.

SAHM to DS (11/08) and EDD 3/8/11!
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Both. Same reasons as bella catalina.

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A little of both.

Part of it is flying... 14 weeks tomorrow when did that happen?! However being pregnant since Feb and going through the season change into summer makes it seem like AGES AGO that we got that BFP!
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Absolutely flying fast!
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It is flying by for me but I think it is because I have done nothing to prepare for the baby yet. With my first, I was thinking about buying things and getting ready since the beginning. This time I am still having a hard time believing I'm pregnant. With being so sick the first few months I didn't feel like doing anything and now I am feeling better but I still haven't gotten motivated yet. I am nervous I'll be at 39 weeks with still nothing done.

Quoteriginally Posted by littlehaloSAHMama to Dylan 08/12/05 & Delia 11/04/08 , and
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At first it felt like things were just d..r...a...g...g...i..n...g, probably up until 10 or 11 weeks. It seemed like the days just took forever to end, which is odd because I would go to work, come home, take a 3 hour nap, make DS dinner, and then put both of us to bed by 8 or 9PM. I was barely awake, you'd think time would fly! But now it really IS flying by, I can't believe I just hit 16 weeks! In just a few more weeks we'll be finding out the gender and I'll be more than halfway to my goal of 37 weeks (DS was a 35-weeker). DH keeps joking that I'm jinxing myself and I'll end up going 41+ weeks. He needs to bite his tongue!
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50/50 for me, when Im thinking of this lo all day it drags by, but when I see that Im 14 weeks it seems crazy fast. I know being busy with my 4 kiddos all Summer long will make it fly by super fast too.
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Its been flying for me. Im visiting my inlaws and family back in the states and have been since the beginning of April. If I had to sit in Okinawa the entire time I think it would drag on more. Now as soon as I get back I will be moving to a bigger apartment and have to pack and unpack. By the time Im done getting everything set up it will be time to start getting things ready for the new baby. No time for sitting around. I just hope my DH doesn't have to go to the Philipines in September and October. I think it helps that I have an extremely active baby and keeps me moving all the time.

~Heather~ Mama to Miss E (1/07), Miss A (11/08), Mr.T (2/11) and Miss A (10/12) Expecting our newest blessing sometime late Sept/early Oct.. Wife to my Marine since 11/2005
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Flying! I don't know how everything will be ready in time. We want to move DS into the bigger bedroom, and we also would like to re-do our master bath!

Wife to J, SAHM to W (03/06) ribboncesarean.gif at 32w4d, C (10/08) ribboncesarean.gif, and H (02/11) ribboncesarean.gif

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