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November 2008 > I did it!!! Now with pictures
hannybanany's Avatar hannybanany 08:23 PM 11-14-2008
Leah Marie was born via VBAC yesterday morning! I did it!!! Apparently they do not see natural births at the hospital I birthed at very often, so we were the talk of the day

Quick stats:

11-13-08; 10:21 am
8 lbs 11 oz
21 inches

She is absolutely gorgeous! More details and pictures soon

Here are some pics. Still working on writing the birth story.

Just a few seconds after birth - http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d1...r/DSC_0459.jpg

Cuteness - http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d1...r/DSC_0472.jpg

Proud big sister - http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d1...r/DSC_0582.jpg

Today - http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d1...r/DSC_0604.jpg

True knot in cord - http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d1...r/DSC_0481.jpg

E's Mama's Avatar E's Mama 08:32 PM 11-14-2008
Congratulations! And for successful VBAC!
EmmaWoodhouse's Avatar EmmaWoodhouse 08:32 PM 11-14-2008
: Congrats on the VBAC and Leah Marie!
Kleine Hexe's Avatar Kleine Hexe 08:34 PM 11-14-2008
Hanny, you made my day.

Enjoy that VBAC high! Great job.

Congrats on your little girl and having the birth you wanted.

You and Bella have had your babies....I'm the last one from the TTC...
nerdymom's Avatar nerdymom 08:48 PM 11-14-2008
Congrats on your vbac baby! :
hislittlelambs's Avatar hislittlelambs 08:58 PM 11-14-2008
oh yay!!! this is so wonderful you Vbac'ing birthing goddess YOU! :: you enjoy that new babe and don't feel compelled to come off cloud 9 anytime soon! congrats mama and well done!
Patchfire's Avatar Patchfire 09:06 PM 11-14-2008
Congratulations on your VBAC! :
PookieMom's Avatar PookieMom 09:14 PM 11-14-2008
Congrats!!!!! Yeah VBAC!!!:
UnassistedMomma's Avatar UnassistedMomma 09:38 PM 11-14-2008
Congratulations! I'm very happy for you!
ma_vie_en_rose's Avatar ma_vie_en_rose 09:39 PM 11-14-2008
: WTG!!!
nurnur's Avatar nurnur 09:59 PM 11-14-2008
Super~Single~Mama 10:01 PM 11-14-2008
Congrats! I'm not from your DDC, but I had to respond b/c you sounded so happy in your post!! I'm so happy for you and the little baby!
BundleFishMama's Avatar BundleFishMama 10:55 PM 11-14-2008
Big congrats, that's wonderful!!!!
natalieadw's Avatar natalieadw 11:05 PM 11-14-2008
congrats mama!!!!!!!!!!:
Betahasan's Avatar Betahasan 11:22 PM 11-14-2008
I am soo happy for you! Congrats! I am hoping to do the same thing.. praying for a VBAC! You give me hope!

snowgirl's Avatar snowgirl 11:29 PM 11-14-2008

Katielady's Avatar Katielady 11:47 PM 11-14-2008
Wowee! That's so awesome! I'm thrilled for you. :::
Phoebe's Avatar Phoebe 11:58 PM 11-14-2008

I so know what you mean by "I did it!!". Having a VBAC is really something to pat yourself on the back for. I am so pleased for you and I hope you hold on to that feeling of accomplishment forever!!!
coyotemist's Avatar coyotemist 12:02 AM 11-15-2008
Many congrats! I'm so happy for you that you ended up with the birth you wanted!
Sheryl1678's Avatar Sheryl1678 12:24 AM 11-15-2008
YAY VBAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!
kitkat5505's Avatar kitkat5505 12:30 AM 11-15-2008
Congrats!!! Way to go on your vbac!!!
titania8's Avatar titania8 01:41 AM 11-15-2008
congrats mama!!! ::
mochimama's Avatar mochimama 02:03 AM 11-15-2008
Yay Hanny!!!

Booflies's Avatar Booflies 02:14 AM 11-15-2008
Your happiness is contagious
jmtowne's Avatar jmtowne 02:20 PM 11-15-2008
congrats!!!! you are awesome mama!
AugustineM's Avatar AugustineM 03:02 PM 11-15-2008
Sweet!!! Big congrats and be proud of yourself!

hannybanany's Avatar hannybanany 01:25 AM 11-16-2008
Thank you, mamas! It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but oh so worth it!
ma_vie_en_rose's Avatar ma_vie_en_rose 01:44 AM 11-16-2008
She is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pics.
BundleFishMama's Avatar BundleFishMama 05:44 AM 11-16-2008
OH she is TOO CUTE!!!
hislittlelambs's Avatar hislittlelambs 07:16 AM 11-16-2008
she's so beautiful!! thank you for sharing the pictures! the one of the true knot was simply fascinating!!
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