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mommaknowsbest's Avatar mommaknowsbest 08:58 PM 12-06-2008
My ds had a run in with the hard part of our couch, causing his glasses to cut into his upper eyelid. We put ice on it, got the bleeding under control, calmed him down. Then, he started to get sleepy. I was concerned that he maybe had a concussion, so called his doctor-and got the doctor on call.

This doctor was very nice, confirmed that we handled everything right,that he wasn't at risk for concussion, and it didn't sound like he needed stitches.

Then....she said the only thing she would be concerned about was him getting tetanus. Say what? Then, said we *did* have him updated on his vaxes? Being on the phone, I should have said,yeah! But, noooo. I say our dc have an exemption and are not vaxed.

No more nice doctor. And...no more nice mommy.: This doctor proceeded to ask me if I was aware of the dangers of not vaxing,and that here in our city, have been breakouts of measles,whooping cough, and once ya get tetanus,ya can't take it back.

Sorry, doc picked the wrong day to lecture this momma. With a very deep breath, I informed her that most people who choose not to vax, do not make the decision lightly, and are well informed about the diseases the vaxes are made to prevent,and informed on how tocare for our dc,should they become sick with a vpd. I told her I always tell docs,so if my dc IS sick with a "vpd", the docs don't miss it. And, once you get a vax, you can't take that back,either!

I informed her that my ds's doctor w/i the practice,has been very supportive of having us in the practice. But this conversation was leaving a very bad impression.And I hung up.

I am soooo looking for a new doc. Just sick of this type of harrassment.

Maybe I will try to find an older DO.

I guess I posted this, as I woke up with huge personal issues going on,and didn't feel like I had a lot of confidence today. Ha! I found my voice when I was about to get the lecture on vaxes.Do *not* tell *me* bs about vaxes.

We have voices mommas,and they come out-for me, my mamabear comes out-and I quickly find my voice. I do pick my battles, but I don't take bs from a gp on call. No way. Never.


Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 09:02 PM 12-06-2008
sorry you had to deal with that. It seems like pretty much any broken skin results in the whole tetanus vax discussion.
mommaknowsbest's Avatar mommaknowsbest 09:42 PM 12-06-2008
Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post
sorry you had to deal with that. It seems like pretty much any broken skin results in the whole tetanus vax discussion.
peainthepod's Avatar peainthepod 12:09 AM 12-07-2008
Pretty soon doctors will be recommending tetanus vaccines every time you get a hangnail.

Way to stay strong, mama. It's about time these bullies learned that they work for you, you know?
buttercupmama's Avatar buttercupmama 02:41 PM 12-07-2008
I know all too well that personality shift. Good for you being firm with her.
rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 03:20 PM 12-07-2008

Marnica's Avatar Marnica 09:29 PM 12-07-2008
You go!!

that also goes to show you this doc is a total moron that knows nothing about Tetnus and how one gets it!!
1littlebit's Avatar 1littlebit 09:37 PM 12-07-2008
he though your son would get tetanus b/c his glasses cut his upper eyelid? oh for cripes sake what a
Thandiwe's Avatar Thandiwe 10:04 PM 12-07-2008
Way to stay strong. You are your children's only advocates, though it can be so emotionally draining to always be fighting up stream. I'm sorry you went through that. Have you thought about typing up a letter of complaint? I've always had great luck with that and awesome response. Just a thought.