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i was wondering if anyone noticed the drop in ear infections among your children.

my eldest was johnny on the spot with all her vaxs and i kid you not the child had an ongoing ear infection till she was four and got tubes finally put in. she was on amoxicillin till it "stopped working" and then some other medication till it "stopped working" and they wanted to switch her back to amoxicillin before i finally said they were crazy and switched to an off post provider who immediately put in for her to get tubes. once she stopped needing as many shots..and the infections just stopped.

my ds...he started late...like at 6 months and i was never on time with getting them..so his ear infections didn't start till after he was a year and i "got him caught up"...his infection just wouldn't go away either...he couldn't get his next set of shots because of the ear infection...eventually it went away..and he hasn't had a shot or an infection since.

my last dd...had only the shots they give in the hospital...and she hasn't had even the HINT of an ear infection. with her...before i even knew i was pg with her i read an article in the TIMES that was talking about the effect of vaccinations on babies that the doctors don't acknowledge and tell you about it and i remember thinking "wow i'm so glad i'm done with having kids cuz this would blow my mind"...two weeks later i found i was pg with her and felt this was GOD's way of lettin me know not this one...she for whatever reason cannot be vaccinated.

i was just wondering if anyone else noticed a difference in their children's over all health if some were vaccinated on schedule and the others were not.
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I can't speak to the comparison factor since I only have one child, but she's over 3, completely unvaccinated, and has never had a single ear infection. She's also been incredibly healthy. We also eat a reasonably healthy diet that looks very different from the standard American diet and get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

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I remember reading when Prevnar got popular that the incident of ear infections did rise among some children...and it wasn't just regular infections. I remember reading that numerous children got resistant forms of staph and strep (hence your child needing new antibiotics because they "quit working")

Personally, we've chosen not to vaccinate...and that's only one reason.

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My kids are unvaxed and ear infection free thus far.

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DD 2.5 and DS 5 months are vax free and have never had an ear infection. I can say the same for my friend's 4 year old and 7 month old, and my other friend's 2.5 year old and 5 month old

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My unvaccinated almost 13-month old has never been sick yet and has never had an ear infection. She's never had any drugs or antibiotics either.

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Mt 7.5 month old unvaxed son has never had an ear infection

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Yes! My eldest now 20 was an ear infection machine. My next child had one ear infection, which was vy rough! But that was it. My youngest has NEVER had an ear infection. Oldest was vaxed completely (tho 20 yrs ago less vaxes) and younger two not. Also younger two have had abx i believe maybe once? Not more than that. I think that weakened immune system combined with over abx ing makes for an ear infection prone baby/child.
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I haven't vaxed any of my kids so I can't compare. Some have had ear infection and some haven't. But most ear infections are viral so antibiotics aren't going to work anyway so I can see how antibiotics are going to help in some cases and not in others.

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My son is unvaxed, and he had his first ear infection on his 2nd birthday. He's had 5 this year.
Ah well.

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I fully vaxed my first and she had ear infections from 4mos to 14 mos chronicly and my second is unvaxed with not having had one as yet.
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I had ear infection after ear infection during my childhood. I was vaxed on schedule, for the time (I'm 31). My 19 month old is 100% vax free and has never had an ear infection.


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I have two children. Oldest is fully vaccinated and had one ear infection when she was five. Second baby is almost four, has only had a few select vaccines and has never had an ear infection. On the other hand my best friends child is fully vaccinated and has chronic ear infections, allergies, had strep throat last week etc. Makes you wonder...

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My first was vaxed to 4 months when we stopped. My 2nd isn't vaxed. They both got a really nasty cold this winter and my 2nd got an ear infection (first one either of them has ever gotten) and my first didn't. I think it had more to do with his sinus cavities and ear canals being smaller because he is younger than their vax status.

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