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koalove's Avatar koalove 08:05 PM 12-17-2008
Hi there! we just moved to california and my 4 year old will start pre school soon. i plan to sign the vax waiver as he has never been vaxed but im worried they wil ask me what my religion is! he is not vaxed for other reasons that have nothing to do with our faith (or lack of it) and im not sure what to say. i know it is unlikely that anyone will ask me to be specific but what do i say if they do? has anyone ever been asked? thanks!

Marnica's Avatar Marnica 09:21 PM 12-17-2008
California has philisophical exemptions so Im not sure why you would choose to go with a religious one if the reasons you don't vax are not religious. I would go with the philisophical, its much easier. But if you decide pn the religious one they can't ask you what religion you are and I doubt they would. Check out for laws for Cali. (click on state laws and exemptions in the left column and click on CA) You're lucky. I wish CT has philisophical exemptions!
kiara7's Avatar kiara7 09:29 PM 12-17-2008
You don't have to be any religion or go to any church to file a religious exemption. It is religious discrimination to ask you that and/or deny the exemption based on that. You can worship a bag of chips if you'd like. Just file it as it is, you don't owe anyone any explanations.

Some feel religious exemption is more "water-tight" in case they try to take away philo exemptions.
koalove's Avatar koalove 02:02 AM 12-18-2008
ah yes, lucky us! i didnt realize california had the philo exemption. thanks so much!