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blessed mommy's Avatar blessed mommy 10:35 PM 01-13-2009
Just wanted to pop in here,and say hello and I don't vax-anymore.
Our oldest suffered what we think was vax injury when she was one yo. That was the last vax for our dc,and that's been around 10 yrs.
Nice to be here!!:

tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 01:01 AM 01-14-2009

blessed mommy's Avatar blessed mommy 01:14 AM 01-14-2009
Thank you!:
Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 01:18 AM 01-14-2009
Originally Posted by TanyaLopez View Post
That goes for me too!
Marnica's Avatar Marnica 06:53 PM 01-14-2009

Sorry your oldest had a reaction, but at least now you know vaxes are not as safe as they make them out to be!
k9sarchik's Avatar k9sarchik 10:35 PM 01-14-2009