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This is really a YAY for non-vax post.

DD is currently sick with her second tummy virus (12 mo. on 1/26/09). But the thing is, both times that she's gotten sick, she's NEVER had a fever (well, actually, no matter what, she's never had a fever, 99.2 is the closest she's come), she's never been lethargic or whiny or clingy. She just sleeps a lot and throws up a few times (today I swear it was just because she tried to eat too fast).

I have a feeling if I had vaxed it would have been a LOT worse. Her body just seems to fight stuff off SO easily, and she seems to know what she needs -- lots of sleep, some mommy milk, and a bit of cuddling. Every time I see her "sick" but she has practically no symptoms, and is actually HAPPY anyway, I feel like, yay, I really did something right.
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Glad you are happy with your decision.
Welcome to MDC!
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That is great! I have a non vaxed 8 and a half month old who has been sick with colds/coughs only. He has had several fevers(one was quite high) but I think was related to a tooth coming in. Anyway I thought in the beginning that because he wasn't vaxed he would never get sick. While that is not the case clearly, I also wonder if he was how much worse it would be when he does get sick!

If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson.

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I recommend "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Dr."

Fevers are part of how your immune system works; don't be afraid.

"It should be a rule in all prophylactic work that no harm should ever be unnecessarily inflicted on a healthy person (Sir Graham Wilson, The Hazards of Immunization, 1967)."
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My DH is never cautious about hygiene and is always in close contact with us, even when he's sick--which is fairly often. My DD was probably a few months old when she got the cold from him and she did get a low grade fever. I kept her warm and snuggly and she ate constantly, but she was as bright and energetic as ever. I did take megadoses of vitamin C to pass on to her though. Her fever broke during the first night while she slept. She never got very sick from it, but he was miserable. He's also on the SAD and tales no vitamins or minerals. I usually make him take vitamin C at least, but he's very lackadaisical about it. It was a remarkable difference. They were like night and day.
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