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Bugsmommy's Avatar Bugsmommy 10:16 PM 01-28-2009
We dont vaccinate. But I had a few questions for some experienced moms-

If my son isnt exposed to say M,M,R and CP am I putting him at a higher risk when he is an adult?

How common is it for him to get these?

He is 9 months and home with me all day. We will be getting a nanny or putting him in daycare in around 6 months.

Thanks in advance.

just_lily's Avatar just_lily 10:25 PM 01-28-2009
Actually the opposite.

Even if the vaxes work, they don't last forever. If you give the vax, he will never develop natural immunity, and will be at risk as an adult. If you don't give the vax there is a chance he can develop natural immunity that will protect him for life.

You can always vaccinate later. If your son does not develop natural immunity he can always choose to get the vax as an adult.

FWIW, I have never had, and have no immunity, to CP.
Bugsmommy's Avatar Bugsmommy 11:04 AM 01-29-2009
How common would it be for him to get one of these? %30...20? 70?