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bubbamummy's Avatar bubbamummy 12:11 AM 04-02-2009
When I was nursing DS I HAD to get the MMR to be allowed to enter the US on a resident Visa to be with my US military husband.

I am now no longer nursing (he was BFed until 1year)

My question is: will the fact that I had the MMR while BFing (DS was 1 month at the time) have any influence on whether or not DS (13months) may have some immunity to those diseases? Or will the fact that im no longer BFing mean that he doesnt?

I hope that makes sense

emma1325's Avatar emma1325 12:14 PM 04-02-2009
What I've heard on this is that the immunity you have is passed to baby while nursing. After that, this passive immunity will wane.

(This is just what I've been told now...I'm sure you'll get some more educated responses.)

Jane's Avatar Jane 12:51 PM 04-02-2009
What Kellie said is true. You can pass antibodies through the milk, but not the ability to make those antibodies. After you stop nursing, all those antibodies will be gone in about 6 weeks.

Lots of women get the MMR at 6 weeks post partum because they are not immune to rubella, and they want to vaccinate them before a next pregnancy.
bubbamummy's Avatar bubbamummy 01:48 PM 04-02-2009