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I'm cross-posting with the general vaccines forum because on second thought this might be the better place to ask this.

The little girl (8 mo) I babysit had a bandaid where she had a shot the other day, so the subject came up with my almost 3 yo DD. The baby's mom was right in the next room, so I didn't want to say anything that might sound judgmental. I told her the dr gave her a shot, and of course she wanted to know why, and all about how, etc. I told her that they put medicine in a needle and have to poke it through the skin to get it into her body. When she wanted to know why, I said that they are "supposed to keep you from getting certain 'bugs' (illnesses)." It didn't get much farther than that, but then a song came on a kids' CD we were listening to about a kid at the dr wanting to know if they were going to give him a shot. Maybe I am just paranoid because I don't know how to answer her questions, but I could have sworn she was picking up on that as well. I managed to divert her attention back to the puzzle we were working on, but I'd like to have some better things to say to her.

Oh and BTW, DD hasn't had any shots since she was 10 weeks old, although she did have her blood drawn and some finger pricks that I don't even think she remembers.

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When we went to our dr., a baby was crying and DS wanted to know why. We asked the dr.'s assistant, who said the baby was getting shots. DS asked what shots were. I said that some kids get shots, which are sort of like medicine that comes in a needle. I then said, "We don't get shots."

Recently, we went back to the dr. and Jack asked if a baby would be getting shots. I said I didn't know. He then said that he wanted a shot. I said, "No you don't, silly boy!" and turned on a CD.

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The closest we came was in Sunday School, where there is a doctor's kit; for some reason all of the kids are drawn to the toy syringe (kind of creepy if you ask me) and like to give each other shots. I would always discretely redirect my kids away from the "game." Well one day the teacher had a whole dialogue going on about it like, "Sometimes at the doctor's you get a shot?" and ds looked all confused and said "No, I get a sticker and tootip [q-tip; he collects them]."



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