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AFWife's Avatar AFWife 02:12 PM 04-14-2009
I had my first discussion with a doctor about not vaxing today... I'm refusing the Hep B vax (I have a signed and notarized form and everything on file now)

Well, when she called to remind me to bring copies of that and my birth plan everywhere I go (in case something gets lost) she gave me a brief lecture on why the Hep B Vax is so good. "You never know when you or your baby will need a blood transfusion" was the selling point. (I tested negative for everything) When she asked "Why are you refusing?" I kind of froze up (over the phone thankfully) I told her that my husband and I were still researching and didn't feel it was necessary at this time... but that's all I could come up with.

I guess I always thought I'd be able to speak my mind with confidence...but I totally faltered! Does it get easier?

nycmom18's Avatar nycmom18 02:18 PM 04-14-2009
i think it does get easier. sometimes i "pretend conversation" in my head. like a rehearsal or something!

also, you dont have to sign any form at any doctors office stating why you are refusing-it's your choice.

and if you really have a hard time explaining to doctors-just remember that you dont have to explain yourself! its your choice for your child-you have to live with your consequences-they dont.

stay here on mdc and you'll find good support and research to help you along the way
peainthepod's Avatar peainthepod 02:47 PM 04-14-2009
"Why aren't you giving them [vaccine]?" or "Why aren't you vaccinating?"

"For personal reasons of my own that aren't open for discussion. Let's talk about why we made this appointment today."


"Because vaccines/[vaccine name] aren't right for our family and it's not open for debate or discussion."


"Because I've done my research and have decided against them/it and am not willing to discuss that decision with you."

Vaccination is your choice. Don't bother defending it to a pro-vaccine doctor. Many of them are salesmen for the pharmaceutical industry and they don't even know it.
AFWife's Avatar AFWife 04:07 PM 04-14-2009
Originally Posted by peainthepod View Post

Vaccination is your choice. Don't bother defending it to a pro-vaccine doctor. Many of them are salesmen for the pharmaceutical industry and they don't even know it.
I think it's mostly because she's still a student and just spitting back what she was told... I didn't get offended. I just consider it practice for my next doctor
JoJo4780's Avatar JoJo4780 05:48 PM 04-14-2009
Good for you for saying no to Hep B; there is no reason why a baby several days old should have this vaccine. They have a captive audience in the hospital and most parents don't even think to question. I didn't get this vaccine until I was in nursing school and then it makes sense when you're exposed to blood and the chances of getting the disease are pretty high.
When people ask us about vaccines I say firmly that it's against our beliefs and we do not vaccinate. Most people drop it at that. The nurse at our ped's office still makes little sarcastic comments. I try to not let it bother me.
~Charlie's~Angel~'s Avatar ~Charlie's~Angel~ 04:30 PM 04-15-2009
FWIW, every doctor will have a vaccine they prefer. Yours happens to be Hep B.
MoonWillow's Avatar MoonWillow 01:21 AM 04-17-2009
"I haven't been convinced that the benefits outweigh the risks". That is what I said to our current ped.
Magali's Avatar Magali 10:00 PM 04-20-2009
I went to see a health care professional today...for unusual cramps and infertility...and she pushed tetanus and hep B on me...and all but ignored why I made the appointment. I was impressed at how I handled myself. So yes it does get easier .
Westinsmommy's Avatar Westinsmommy 11:55 PM 04-20-2009
I just wanted to let you know I am right there with you! Except I am having to deal with our pediatrician and DH! It's horrible. I too hope it gets better. DS is 6 months and it definitely hasn't gotten any easier..