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Gismobabe's Avatar Gismobabe 05:08 AM 04-21-2009
Hi Mamas!

I am Barbara and I decided not to vaccinate after my son Jake died after a short fall (6 days after his vax at 6 months). I vaccinate my daughter without paying much attention to the debate but now with Noah (14 months) I just can not do it.
I would like to do Measels and Tetanus but I just feel like I would be taking him to the slaugter house.
Anyone with similar feelings?

Ophelia's Avatar Ophelia 01:00 PM 04-21-2009
I am soooooo sorry for your heartbreaking loss

I can say from what I have researched, that measles generally isn't nearly as bad as it's made out to be (it was considered to be on par with chicken pox before the measles vaccine came out). Tetanus is extremely rare, about 40 cases per year in the US and that is mostly adults.
I recommend going to the main vaccination forum, then on the top of the forum you can see the archives for each vaccine. I also have some resources on my website linked below, including

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