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My DS is 4 and my DD is 7.5 months
Our neighbors 9 month old has chicken pox and is willing to let us come over to "play" today
Would you bring the 7 month old? or just the 4 year old and try to keep the baby away from him as much as possible afterwards?
I want them both to have natural immunity but wonder if 7 months is too early

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It's likely that when/if your 4 year old "catches" it, it would then be passed on to your 7 month old. There's only so much you can segregate siblings in your own home.
If I had a healthy strong 7 month old with no known issues than I would bring them both otherwise I wouldn't bring either of them.

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Chicken pox is highly infectious so your 7.5 month old would probably get a mild case if you had CP as a child. Your antibodies protect for a while....not completely sure for how long though.
IMO, I think 7.5 months is a bit young. If your baby gets a mild case you may need to re-expose her later.

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I think in general rates of complications are higher in babies that young, though I doubt they separated out the breastfed vs not-breastfed babies. But if I were considering it for future kids, I'd be leaning on my experience supporting my kids through lots of illnesses, so if you feel like you've got a good toolbox to draw from, in terms of nutritional support, then maybe. Food is less an issue for your little one, though I'd probably look at my own intake of things like B vitamins (which transfer quite directly in breastmilk), and longer-term do you think you're okay on stuff like vitamins A and D and zinc (all important for immune function). And I'd want to be sure that my LO doesn't seem atypical, health-wise, in any way (in any bad way). At that age I could already see that my son was getting sick more than most other babies and had a few other oddities.

I'd also assume that if you send over your 4yo, then your entire household is going to be exposed. Maybe that won't be the case, I was 14 or 15 yo before I got chickenpox, and that's with me being in daycare and then public school, so I should've been around people coming down with CP plenty of times, and somehow I missed having it til 9th grade. So it's possible to not catch it, but I wouldn't bank on that.
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While 7.5 months is a little young for my taste- I would still want htem to get it when available.
What i woudl do is get it on purpose for the 4 year old and then see if the 7 month old gets it from the 4 year old- and by that time hte baby will be more lik 8.5 monthls old and thats a little better in my mind.

My son got it at 10 months old and it was no big deal- but it definitely was a worse case than my then 3 year old.
He was nursing so that made it WAY easier.

If she DOES get it, just give her lots of lukewarm/on the slightly cooler side oatmeal baths (we bought a whole bunch of cvs brand stuff)
Use some calamine lotion of you think she's uncomfortable, though be SURE NOT to use caladryl- unless you're ok w/ it having benadryl in it.
I also woudl give my boys some benadryl before bed when it was at it's worst to help dry it up and also help them rest well instead of itch all night long.
Also, if any open up at all, or get itched- use neosporin on them to prevent infection. Thats prob my biggest tip.

But yeah- this age is kinda a tough one cuz i can say that my little 10 month old had between 400-500 pox on him. He had 100 just on his head under his hair, and another 50 or so just on his face.
But he was happy through it all and I'm glad he got it. Just be mentally prepared for everything.
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No, but I am not one to seek out diseases either. I don't vax, and I don't worry about VADs, but I don't seek them out either.

Just my opinion, YMMV.

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I wouldn't although I have to say that in Austria where I live we have plenty of cases and I have more of a chance to get them since hardly anbody vaccinates against the chicken pox.
I think 7 months is young since the pox itch and they would get very uncomfortable and also uncooperative when it comes to treating the pox with a salve.
I really want my 5 y.o. to finally catch them but no matter how many cases of cp we have at her day care she wont get them.
I say wait a year and go then (for both...).

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here has been my experience with that:

my husbands cousin got cp when my dd#1 was 5 and ds was 2 and dd#2 was about 6 months and nursing exclusively. dd#1 had been vaxed already i didn't know better at the time. ds has an immune system like a freight train and they just didn't catch. I had the cp when I was 12 and was nursing dd, so she didn't get them either. :

I don't know if this makes any difference at all, but the cousin who got the px, had actually HAD the vaccine before she got them.

I will try again whenever i get the chance, although those chances are few and far between now around here. But Yes. I wold go ahead and expose a 7 month old as long as they were healthy at the time, and especially if i was nursing, since i would deem the chances of their having a severe case very very small in those circumstances.

oh to add... when me and my siblings got them as kids, my youngest bro was not quite 1 year old yet, and he had the least severe case of all of us. My best friends family got them at the same time, and they had one the same age as him, and his were also very very mild. My brother in law got them when he was less than a year old too, and the same for him.
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i would let the 4 year old go over and get exposed, then once he has an outbreak (usually shows up in a few weeks) let your daughter get naturally exposed from that (another few weeks) and even though its only a month, it will still make a little difference since shes a little older and more able to handle it.

So in other words, dont take her over, rather, let your 4 year old go and then let her get exposed through him when/if he ends up catching it. Also, if you are nursing, that will also help her get over it more quickly and lessen the severity of the case. So if she does end up getting them, nurse her as often as you can to get her those anti-bodies that will help her fight the disease better :-)
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I would not have three or four years ago, but when my kids got it, the baby was five months old. She actually coped much better with it than the older kids, because she was still nursing and between the baths and the boobs, she was a happy camper. She didn't fuss or anything.

I'd go for it. baby is healthy, no colds, right?

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According to the CDC's Pink Book chapter on varicella a child is more susceptible to shingles and recurrent varicella if they are under the age of 18 months. So for that reason we chose to wait.

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