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PinkinPA's Avatar PinkinPA 12:27 AM 04-22-2009
That goes into the first half of EmmelineII's list :

1. Name of the disease
2. Description of the disease
3. Length of time from initial infection to end of all symptoms
4. Infectious period
5. Normal symptoms of the disease
6. Known serious consequences of the disease
7. Proportion of persons infected developing serious consequences
8. Transmission route of the disease
9. Prevalence of the disease
10. Treatments of the disease and efficacy of those treatments
11. Relevant research about the disease
I have a few books already and I don't have one that goes into these details. I know I can find this info online, but I really would like to have this info in book form.


just_lily's Avatar just_lily 02:09 AM 04-22-2009
The Vaccine Book is pretty detailed and organized in this regard. It does lean towards the pro-vax point of view, but it does cover these questions fairly well.
larkedyflarp's Avatar larkedyflarp 05:44 PM 04-22-2009
I like how "Raising a Vaccine Free Child" goes into each disease and how to treat and how it was with her children.