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Purple Cat's Avatar Purple Cat 02:02 AM 04-29-2009
I registered in an Illinois suburb today. I was on pins and needles wondering how registration would proceed with no vaccinations. Illinois had recently changed the statute governing religious exemptions. You have to enumerated every vaccination and why you have objections to it. The Illinois Dept. of Public Health also released a memo to the schools with a flowchart instructing them how to evaluate the sufficiency of requests for religious exemptions from vaccines.

I reached the health desk at registration with the physical form, dental form, and my letter about our religious objection. She read it and said, "okay." End of conversation. I was shaking, though, just from the whole anticipatory anxiety of how registration would proceed and worrying if I would forget any paperwork that would require me to go back to stand in an endless line. We were the first people to register and it took nearly 40 minutes to register just my twins.

Amylcd's Avatar Amylcd 02:08 AM 04-29-2009
I'm glad it went well!
eireann's Avatar eireann 02:50 AM 04-29-2009
may they all be like that!
valerina_cole's Avatar valerina_cole 11:32 AM 05-03-2009
Purple Cat--I'm so glad it went well. I am also in Illinois and will be registering soon.

Do you have a link to the law that says we have to enumerate every vaccination?? I'm panicking a little because I hadn't heard that before! And I usually stay pretty up to date on these things. Thank you so much!
brendaziz's Avatar brendaziz 09:36 AM 05-04-2009
I'm registering my son today for Kindergarten and I'm hoping for the same good vibes! :-)

I'm really not worried at all- but I won't be shocked if the person kinda looks at me like I'm crazy. Ijust find that most people have never heard of not vaxing or any kind of exemption.

But I live to educate! :-)
konamom's Avatar konamom 10:37 PM 04-28-2011

Purple Cat, would you mind sharing your religious exemption letter that worked in Illinois?  Will be registering in the next couple of weeks and would appreciate seeing an example that worked.  I realize that we need to fill in our religious beliefs but it would be great to see some that worked out ok.