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destany08's Avatar destany08 02:42 AM 02-20-2010
Any good videos of vaccines on youtube?

MountainMamaGC's Avatar MountainMamaGC 01:39 PM 02-20-2010
I liked Vaccine Nation. You can find the entire thing on google video.
stacey05's Avatar stacey05 02:11 PM 02-20-2010
I really like the videos by Mary Tocco! Dangers of Vaccines by Mary Tocco is in several different parts and it helped me comfortable with my decision in the beginning.
moss's Avatar moss 10:14 PM 04-10-2010
here's a link to an interview with Dr Wakefield (interviewed by Dr. Mercola)

looks like this was just put up a couple of days ago, i've only watched a few minutes, but wanted to pass the link along...
zinemama's Avatar zinemama 10:33 PM 04-10-2010
I'm not sure what you are asking. Videos of vaccines being administered? Being made? Videos of vaccines dancing the macarena?
Ambystoma's Avatar Ambystoma 11:07 PM 04-11-2010
Originally Posted by zinemama View Post
<snip> Videos of vaccines dancing the macarena?
I. Must. See. This.
Emmeline II's Avatar Emmeline II 12:43 PM 04-12-2010
Bebegim's Avatar Bebegim 02:02 AM 04-18-2010
These might be on youtube, but i highly recommend ordering copies of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's video seminars on vaccine safety and efficacy. They are super boring and long, but the amount of information she goes through is priceless. I would pause, right down random sources and check them. I found her to be honest and thorough! I was super lucky to find her! And shes just a sweet person too.