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Originally Posted by crunchy_mommy View Post
But the pertussis vax doesn't prevent transmission. What this means is that fully-vaccinated kids can still be carriers of pertussis and you'd never even know it. I think that is MORE risky to an infant, because the vaxed kids are more likely to be asymptomatic, whereas unvaxed kids are more likely to have symptoms which would be a "red flag" to stay away from them until they're recovered.
Just a "yeah that" for this post. The pertussis vaccine isn't designed to prevent transmission or infection. Same thing goes for the injectable polio vaccine and some other ones that I can't recall off the top of my head.

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Originally Posted by Heatherb917 View Post
Respecting my friend's choice is not an issue. Of course I respect her choice. I realize that most people are not educated about vaccines and that they trust their doctor's advice. I posted because I honestly did not realize this would be a problem, ie. Yes, I will have playdates with you, but no, you cannot watch my kid every day. That's all. I was just surprised.
I understood that from your first post, which is why I wrote what I did. It also makes no sense to me that she would allow your children around your kids at church or other places, but it's suddenly a bad idea when it comes down to baby-sitting.
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Several posts which were either not consistent with the purpose & guidelines for this subforum or were responses to such posts have been removed & will not return. Any further issues will result in removal of the thread.

Please keep in mind that
This forum was created to serve the needs of members who have made the decision not to vaccinate or are seriously exploring making this decision. It is not a place to denigrate or criticize those who do vaccinate.
This is not a place for debate or discussions on the merits of vaccines or the dangers of not vaccinating, it is also not a place to argue against vaccines or selective and delayed vaccination schedules.
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I don't think she knows this, so I'd tell that friend that in order to be a licensed childcare provider in California (and I think its the same in other states too), you don't need to vaccinate at all as long as you file an exemption (and that is the case with being admitted to public schools too), so her not wanting you to babysit doesn't make any she planning on avoiding daycares and schools too because there will be unvaxed kids there too.

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Originally Posted by carmel23 View Post
The one illness that is very dangerous for infants that does have outbreaks-- and from my personal observation of my unvaccinating friends,-- is pertussis. Yes this is anecdotal, but maybe it will help you understand your friend's concern. I've seen pertussis outbreaks in both of the states I've lived in, and it is very scary as a parent of an infant. 75 percent of babies under one who have pertussis are hospitalized.
Infants normally contract pertussis from their parents (care givers) or siblings. The person whose vax status she should be most concerned about are herself, her dh, and the OP; not the pre-schoolers that I would not think would be interacting much with an 8month old.

Infectious adults within a family are the main source of infection for unimmunised infants.
But the point of discussion is not that the friend does not want to see the OP/her children AT ALL, but that she will only see them on playdates--as if Bordetella pertussis knows the difference between a babysitting gig and a playdate.

In any case, I wouldn't hold it against her as she is still willing to be in your presence. Someone once posted here that her twin nieces? were going to be kept from her children for 2 YEARS because they did not vax.

Fortunately, our partial/non-vaxed children were rarely ill (until ds started K) so their non-vaxed status did not scare any family away.

"It should be a rule in all prophylactic work that no harm should ever be unnecessarily inflicted on a healthy person (Sir Graham Wilson, The Hazards of Immunization, 1967)."
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