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I choose not to vax my children. I had an interesting conversation with an epidemiologist today informing me that my child's lack of pertussis vaccination could cause a 0-6 month old child, who cannot yet be vaccinated, to contract the disease & potentially die. My children can also be exposed to viruses & disease through vaccinated children carrying live viruses in their system. What would have been your response? Help, I need some sound info to put my mind at rest and thought I would come here first. I have read the books before but cannot remember the info right now...

One tired & sad Mama
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I would have told him that I would have at least know my child was contagious with the tell-tale cough and all. Pertussis vaccines do not prevent carriage or transmission, just against the severity of the cough.

Then I would have asked him how its better to have a live virus injected into you but its not ok to be exposed to shed vaccine viruses. How does that make any sense? At least when exposed to shed viruses it can be dealt with by the first level of defense.

At the same time there is no point in arguing with people that know everything.

Me(33), Mama to a crazy DD (6), Wife to a wonderful mountain man(32) BF my babe for 2 years
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I would point out that since the vaccine does not prevent carriage or transmission that a vaccinated child could just as easily pass WC to a 0-6 month old baby. In fact I would argue that since the medical community practically refuses to diagnose WC in a vaccinated child, those children are walking around having been told they have bronchitis or allergies or asthma, all the while spreading the WC bacteria far and wide, so in fact I would say vaccinated children pose a greater risk. An unvaccinated child with a suspicious cough will more than likely get a more accurate diagnosis.
I would also ask him when was his last DTaP booster? since only 1-2% of Americans are up to date on their vaccines, they (including him assuming he is not up to date) is a threat to a newborn as well. Adults also rarely get acurately diagnosed with WC, as they usually do not get the telltale whoop. They often are told they have chronic bronchitis, allergies, asthma ect....

He is right about unvaccinated children being exposed to live viruses from vaccinated individuals. Live vaccine do have the potential to shed. However I would point out that unless once again he is up to date on everything, he is also at risk from vaccinated kids who have recently had a live virus vaccine.

I agree with above poster however, tyring to argue and point out holes in the logic to an epidemiologist whould, I would imagine, be a collosal waste of your breath and your time!!

If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson.

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Ask the epidemiolgist to provide you with the evidence of the DTaP preventing transmission of Pertussis. Bring the studies he/she provides here if you want to share them.

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Oh Dana, what a terrible guilt trip! I know just where you are right now. I was there this winter when my daughter had what I believe to be whooping cough. Many people have said similar things to me...

"you child is a health risk to all of the young unvaccinated babies she comes into contact with or children with cancer who cannot be vaccinated."

I thought on this for a long time and was so upset. But finally I realized a few things. Here is what my response is today.

"I do not care. My job is to protect my child. I cannot carry the responsibility of every other child on the planet. I will not sacrifice my own child's health and long term welfare because of the minuscule chance my child could catch whooping cough and give it to someone else. It is more likely that a child will choke on a tiny object at my home, or be killed in a car accident while riding with me, then get whooping cough. Should I no longer drive any children or invite them over to our home?"

That being said, when my daughter had what i thought was whooping cough and my best friend was planning to come over with her infant I told her not too. She said he was up to date on his vaccines, but I know he wouldnt have received whooping cough vax yet and I wouldnt let her risk it. Even though she kept saying he was totally protected...

which brought me to another discovery. Mothers of vaccinated children are stupidly confident in their children's super powers. I started realizing all of my friends with vaccinated kids behaved the same way. Oh, its fine, my kid wont get sick... even for things they werent vaccinated against? Delusional.

I make sure that all the children my daughter is around, their parents KNOW DD is not vaccinated. They always seem more angry at themselves for not even questioning the process, before they get pissed at me and then get over it.

Lauren , DH , DD 02/2007 and expecting #2 (12/7/10)! We
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"I am fully vaccinated, including adult boosters. I have had pertussis twice, a severe case progressing to pneumonia as a child, and again as a pregnant woman. Vaccination did not protect me, nor the people around me."

If an epidemiologist would persist, I could go on and on in an angry tirade, against all the manipulation and outright lies to which I have been subjected. However, I try to have compassion that this individual has been subjected to extensive propaganda in the guise of science. I'd hate to be in their shoes if they ever realized that.
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