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Hi Ladies:

We had no hesitations deciding not to vaccinate our first born for a myriad of reasons, including my own negative reactions to vaccines as a child.

I am currently due with Baby #2 in January and don't want to vaccinate, but also am concerned about more dire consequences and would love some input/perspective.

DD recently started preschool. This is the first time she's had childcare outside our home, though we've spent plenty of time with other kids. I fully anticipate new germs/illnesses this fall/winter, despite loads of vitamins, elderberry syrup, etc.

Flu season. None of us has ever received the flu vaccine.

I worry that with #2 due in the middle of winter/flu season, and with my 2 year bringing home germs from preschool, that the newborn will be exposed to germs s/he can't handle. Our pediatrician encourages the respiratory vax for infants whose parents don't vax (like HIB and pneumoccal)...any thoughts? I realize that there is a risk either way and am leaning towards taking our chances with no vax, but wonder how to best protect my newborn's lungs (and entertain a toddler) - we can't realistically be holed up for 6 months, and our DD will likely be bringing stuff home from school anyway....

Thanks for your insight!

Cara (DD-2 and D? - due 1/13/11)
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This is a risk for any second child. Personally I don't think having an older child in school or daycare is a reason to vax a younger sibling.

If you were that concerned, you could vax the older sibling since the risks at that age may be less than with an infant. Also do you and your husband plan to get all caught up with your vaccines?

Personally I think the best defense is focusing on strenghtening everyone's immune system including the baby.
probiotics, vit c and d for everyone as a start

Also are you saying your ped is encouraging you to get the baby vaxed with hib and prevnar simply because it will have an older sibling in school?

If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson.

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I just had a baby and have a toddler in preschool. We just eat a healthy diet, breastfeed the baby, take vitamins, and do our best to boost our immune systems naturally.

Sure, this morning when dd was kissing my 1 month old and sneezed on his face I cringed. But vaxing her wouldn't have made me feel any better. More like I was throwing her under the bus to protect ds. Plus, I think vaxing her would lower her immune system and make her bring home more garbage. Vaxing ds would just lower his immune system and make him more susceptible to whatever germs anyone brings around (including thiings there are no vaxes for).

No one here is hold up. Dd held ds the day he was born (after her bath time). We just practice common sense health precautions.
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I am admittedly in the midst of a media-induced whooping cough paranoia, but nonetheless I can say from experience with both daycare and preschool that the vast majority of sneezes and sniffles come from viruses that are NOT vax'ed for. Your best defense for you little one is breastfeeding.

(Even with WC I wouldn't get the vax for your older dd as, if she is exposed, the vax liekly won't prevent her from getting it. And your little one will be too young to get the whole series necessary to offer any protection, so I don't see any point there, either.)

PhDin' mama to dd (Oct. 2005)
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Thanks so much, ladies! Your points are very valid. I guess I had not really considered that the germs DD will bring home from preschool probably cannot be vax'd against anyway.

I bf'd DD for 22 months and she's super healthy, definitely intend to bf #2. B/w that, supplements, a health diet and common sense, hopefully we'll avoid major issues this winter!

Our pediatrician is super supportive of us not vaxing (at least 50% of patients in his practice don't vaccinate) but when pushed with "if you did, what would you give" he recommends the ones that guard against respiratory infections in little ones. We didn't with DD and she was fine, but we live in high altitude in CO, so docs here see a lot of respiratory issues in babies as it is.

Thanks again!
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From what I have experienced.... my two youngest haven't gotten sick as young babies with anything big bro brought home- I did But since they were nursing and I had apparently built up antibodies while being sick, we haven't had any issues so far!

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