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Originally Posted by browneyeNYmomma View Post

AI'm just curious about this. I am ready to jump on board to not continue vaxing dd, dh however is not comfortable. DD was vaxed according to Dr. Sears alternative schedule up to 7 mths and then we "took a break". She is now 15 mths and I am not looking to do anymore or to have any future kids vaxed at all. I just need to convince DH!

Has anyone regretted their decision to stop vaxing or even to not vax at all from the begnning? If so, what happened to make you regret that decision?

Originally Posted by Gismobabe View Post

Not regretting it as my first DS died of unclear causes after a shot!


So sorry for the loss of your son! Thank you for sharing!

SAHM to my #1 little miss (9/11/09) and have been TTC since 06/10 (with 1 loss 3/12/11).We do all the usual "crunchy" things!I'm typing from my iPhone so please excuse any errors.
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I'm am so glad I didn't vax. My child seems so much more healthy than the vaccinated children in our area. I really did my research on vaccines while I was pregnant. I can't even imagine my child getting injected with toxic chemicals, it is babaric to do so. 


Good health to you and your family :)



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I dont have any regrets. My only regret is vaxing dd because I didnt know I had a choice and seeing the damage it caused.

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I also wanted to mention my DD had a lot of other issues I never *connected* with vax that I now *know in my heart* was from vax and b/c since we stopped vaxing she's all better. I know I mentioned about the blood in her stools. She also had something similar to night terrors, but of course the Dr said she was too young yadayada I took a video of it for her and then she panicked into we need to get her to a specialist i think she's having seizures in her sleep. Ironically by the time the specialist would see her we had already stopped vax and she wasn't going through it anymore.

It is also hard to say b/c my DD was so calm and wonderful before her vax, but right after she was screaming 4+ hours a day. IDK if she got that "syndrome" or w/e it is that the Dr says can happen where the baby just cries all the time as a side effect, but she was also in immense pain b/c right after the vax was when  her intestines started flaring up causing blood in her stools, and those "night terrors" started happening during all of her day sleep...every single nap until we stopped vax.


So anyways I had a dream reminding me of all of this and thought I should let everyone know. I didn't start out every questioning vax at all, I just trusted the Drs. I knew I wanted an un-medicated birth and to BF and BW and did all of that and still am, but besides my birth and choice of feeding DD I trusted the pedi with everything else, b/c heck I am only 23 and had her at 21 and don't really have family and did not know much about any of this parenting stuff. Once I felt things were just all wrong, that's when I started researching everything and found out about AP, and CIO, and all these other things I did or did not support. Then after I joined mothering I saw some people didn't want to vax...well how come? Researched all the vax and diseases and found my answer. I also must say I am still FUMING that no Dr ever told me I should consider not vax b/c we have a history of seizures! My mother died of complications with a seizure, my bro is on meds 3x a day for seizures, and I have mini ones in my brain sporadically that seem to have no effect...


I am so thankful, that even though we went through absolute hell with DD's vax side effects they were not as bad as they could have been, they were reversible, and hopefully she will not have any affects from them now.

On another note, When DD was 8 m/o she was saying 10+ words, she did get some of the 9 m/o vax and had a fever for 4 days, nothing else though, but I have noticed she doesn't see to be at the same level as she was. She's 15 m/o now and says probably 15 words...she's still very smart, she just used to be very advanced (even her Dr said so) and now she's more average, maybe a little advanced. I mean I don't have any *proof* just that I am a SAHM and have seen her every single day and have never been away from her more than a handful of times for short periods, so I *feel* I notice when something is just different.


Anyways everything I see as a vax reaction I have gotten a million excuses for and of course none were reported as such, b/c there are just too many other reasons for what she went through...I wish I could take back all  that screaming and all that pain.

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My DD will be 10 this spring and my DS turned 5 last fall. Neither have ever received a vaccination and they are the two healthiest kids on the block hands down. My DD had only 3 colds her first year of life [average is 9] and she didn't have an ear infection until she was 7 years old! They attend school with MANY children that are somewhere on the spectrum and ALL of them received vaccinations NOT that I'm saying that was the cause for each of them. It's just odd how we have a high number of kids being vaccinated in our area and a high number of kids on the spectrum. The only thing that turned my stomach is when we had to write our beliefs down and present them to the school district. My DD went to nursery school in Manhattan, pre-school in Nassau County and now attends elementary school in Suffolk County as does my DS. Each time it was nerve wrecking but each district approved our letter. Unfortunately, a friend in Nassau County that changed her mind along the way and did not vaccinate her fourth child is having problems getting her into school. She's quite brave and has taken the school board to court. So, no I don't regret it and every time another story comes up about the dangers of vaccinations I email them to my FIL who threaten me if I didn't vaccinate them. BTW, my DH wasn't 100% about it but over time he has come to see the proof in the pudding!

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