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I want to continue my research but have no idea where to go from here? 

Christian SAHM & birth doula.
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My favorite is Aviva Jill Romm's book, Vaccinations - A Thoughtful Parents Guide - To me this author doesn't share her opinion about vaccines, but has a lot of good info about each disease, each vaccine, the immune system and even treatment options.


I like the book, How to Raise A Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor by Mendelsohn - There is a good section about vaccines but also lots of good info about childhood diseases.


I also like Dr Tennpenny's Saying No To Vaccines Book which is completely against vaccines.


These are the three basic books which I look at over and over again.

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I like "What your Doctor may not tell you about Children's Vaccinations" by Stephanie Cave.  I read this book first and then Aviva Jill Romm's book.  I felt that Cave's book was easier to read.... less technical jargon.  It was nice to follow up  with Romm's book, though because there was a tremendous amount of detail and if I wanted more info on something in Cave's book, there it was.  

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i've read splendid solution, about the development of the polio vaccine. fascinating! ok, not really a "should i or shouldn't i vaccinate" book, but so, so informative. i really rank it as a must read.

i've read the vaccine book by dr. sears (thought it was the worst vaccine book i've read)

read autism's false prophets by dr. offit (loved it).


my approach to researching vaccines was to go claim by claim though. so, i read (here) that vaccines cause SIDS. i used google scholar and pub med to look for the evidence for and against. any time you're relying on someone else to distill the information for you, you're basically just taking their word for it unless you check their resources yourself. it's hard. it took me YEARS. but, i feel far more informed than the passive consumer of someone's else's opinion.


good luck! it's a lot of work to develop a truly informed opinion, but i think it's totally worth it.

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"Just a Little Prick" and "From One Prick To Another" by Hilary Butler.

 "Medical propaganda ops are, in the long run, the most dangerous. They appear to be neutral. They wave no political banners. They claim to be science. For these reasons, they can accomplish the goals of overt fascism without arousing suspicion.” — Jon Rappoport
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