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beckybird's Avatar beckybird 12:01 PM 04-08-2011

Death from vaccines can also be prevented. It goes both ways--there is danger from disease AND vaccines.  How many children were in the ICU after receiving a vaccine? What about Gardasil deaths?  Guillain Barre, fever, seizures, allergic reactions, etc. from vaccines?


We are obviously saddened and concerned over diseases, but some of us are more fearful of adverse vaccine reactions. That is why I decline all vaccines.

treeoflife3's Avatar treeoflife3 02:59 PM 04-08-2011

vaccines are not 100% guaranteed to keep a child from getting the disease, but they do carry a risk of causing adverse reactions.  Getting a vaccine therefore means a child can both have adverse reactions AND get the disease in question.


Not getting a vaccine just means they can get the disease.  They can't be hurt by a vaccine if they don't get it.


I choose the 100% guarantee.  I can live with my child getting the disease if I didn't vaccinate because they could have gotten it anyway.  I can't live with causing my child to get a vaccine injury because that IS 100% avoidable.


I don't want my child to get sick.  I'm not hoping she gets vaccine preventable diseases.  I don't want her to die.  I'd rather support her immune system so that it can be at its strongest should she get a disease though than give her a vaccine and think she'll be just fine.  I've known people who's kids got vaccine preventable diseases and their kids were fully vax'd on schedule.  Their doctors also refused to believe it could be the disease at first because they were vaccinated.

SilverMoon010's Avatar SilverMoon010 12:19 PM 04-09-2011

My family does not vaccinate. There are many reasons why we choose this.  However, one of the things that really reinforces my decision is that if I had chosen to vaccinate, according to the CDC schedule (or at all for that matter), I would have gotten my child four vaccines that he never even needed, Rotavirus, HIB,  Hep B, Pc.  These are just four examples.  I mention these because he is completely out of the so-called danger zone for these illnesses. Of course he can get them in the future I suppose, but they would be much less severe.  He would have gotten all of those vaccines, and yet, he has been healthy as can be without them. I am so glad we didn't get them.

Lisa1970's Avatar Lisa1970 09:08 PM 04-09-2011

I know the death rate is way higher than reported. I know of a lot of babies who died within hours of a vaccination, for no apparent reason, but it does not get declared a vaccination death.

Calm's Avatar Calm 02:23 AM 04-10-2011

Yes.  Actually, the death rate from vaccination is more like in the thousands.  Investigations have shown that doctors report deaths and adverse reactions at rates as low as 1%.  

SilverMoon010's Avatar SilverMoon010 04:23 AM 04-10-2011

This is just me, but I have trouble getting past even one death from a vaccine, which makes me find it hard to believe that we're getting stuck on numbers here.  All of this makes me realize that something seriously needs to be reevaluated.  It's more than just a matter of science not being perfect.  You think with all of these vaccine-related deaths they would surely be doing more research on how to prevent this, but are they? No, they just keep chugging along.  And to think a lot of those people who died from vaccines have died from a vaccine for a disease they may have never been exposed to or at high risk for in the first place.

Calm's Avatar Calm 05:18 AM 04-10-2011

There is the collateral damage factor which prevents investigations unless it is actually an abomination, like vioxx and such things.  Oh, or herbs, they are fast to pull them from the shelves.  Collateral damage means that although there are those that die from using a drug as it is prescribed, overall it is deemed "safe".  Simple pain meds kill people every year, but no one wants to see them go so we just accept that.  The sobering truth is that iatrogenic causes are the third leading cause of death.  Even in a slow year, medicine is killing 225000 people.  



amnesiac's Avatar amnesiac 12:30 PM 04-10-2011
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