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So I'm just wondering because my husband and I have talked about this off and on.

- esp cuz we both know people who although older now, were seriously harmed by diseases that are now preventable. While I understand some parents are worried about potential side affects and dangers...are those side effects and dangers really so significant to not vax your child? like Ive always read its incredibly low.


Also, we were talking that like, okay 50 years ago before all the dangerous diseases were either erradicated or minimized by vaccines people were at constant danger to get something very bad and dangerous like polio and have severe lifelong problems because of it, yet now adays, those potentials dont really exist in most places as vaccines are so common.


So I am just throwing this out there for some feedback...is there ever the worry that because non-vaxxing is become popular in certain places...like esp first world, well off countries and esp better off families and areas that there is the risk of those diseases coming back with fullforce because what if a child contracts something...that could have been preventable. Couldnt it spark a new resistant strain. like recently we read stories in the newspaper of measels and diptheria going around in the elem. schools because many of the kids were not vaxxed, one a few ended up extremely ill and one died. What about if a non-vaxxed child has to go to the hospital for anything, they will be surroundd by a whole host of dangerous pathogens and could perhaps contract something.


I'm not anti vaxxing and I'm not pro-vaxxing...I just wonder about the above...like the potential long term effects on the health of society is members no longer get vaxxed.


What do you all think... ???


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This is a good site to start your research:



It sounds like you've read a lot of one-sided information about vaccines, as many of the questions in your post are based on misinformation.  



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Read this article specifically:


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(Sorry, I just realized how long this was after I submitted it. Guess I had a lot to say)smile.gif


To the OP, it sounds like you have some anxiety about these diseases, but yet, seem to be lacking information as to the dangers and risks of vaccinations as well.  In addition, to the effectiveness of the vaccines to begin with.


Like the AP mentioned, regarding polio, it is viturally nonexistent today (except for those receiving the OPV which can shed).  Since there is a high-powered campaign promoting vaccination, of course they are trying to credit the vaccine for eliminating the disease and in fact, there are studies that show the disease was eradicated before introduction of the vaccine.  It also disappeared in countries where vaccines were not so extensively used. I think the only cases of polio today are due from the OPV. Same with diptheria. On its way out before vaccine. Also, diptheria can be treated with medical attention and antibiotics.  I think you have a better chance of being struck by lighning.


Speaking of the polio vaccine, particularly the OPV, other than it causing polio to those who received the vaccine, between 1955 aand 1963, some of the monkey kidney cells used for the vaccine were infected with SV-40 virus,  which is known to cause cancer in animals and has been found in tumors in humans today and is determined to be genetically identical to the virus in the vaccines 50 years ago.  Do you notice the number of cancer has increased over the years? Correlation? Probably.  Monkey kidney cells are still used in the polio vaccine as well as numerous other animal tissues in other vaccines (and aborted fetal cells).  They obviously didn't know to test for the SV-40 virus before producing the vaccine, although now they say they do, but what other animal viruses are appearing that they don't know about, until years later when it's too late?


Measles? Everyone in my mom's generation apparently had this disease and are fine today.  Of course there are complications, and they can be serious.  I am not discrediting that.  However,  they are not as prevalent as we are lead to believe.  Serious complications are the rarest and worst cases. A healthy person/child CAN overcome the measles. Also, the MMR has extreme complications as well? Do you weigh those risks? Plus the MMR does not consist of life-long immunity.  Naturally acquired measles does.


Did you ever have the chicken pox? I did, and guess what, it was no big deal! Yet, our children, who have never been exposed to the virus naturally because of mass inoculation, will automatically FEAR the chicken pox when they get older because all they will know when they grow up is that it's on the CDC schedule and therefore, must be "deadly." They have never been through it and all the media will show them is the number of kids who died from it and how awful it was. That is all they will know. Just like the people in my generation who are terribly fearing the measles like it will kill you if you are exposed, because we've never been through it.  Honeslty, I didn't know much about measles, but when I started talking to many, many people who been through that generation, I realize it was no big deal.  See how that works? Fear-mongering at its best.


Oh, and what about the deaths from the Gardasil vax? Those poor teens who had their life ahead of them died,and for what? Something they may NEVER get in their lifetime. Does that seem fair?


Oh, and the whole Swine Flu scare in the 70s and the link to Guillain-Barre syndrome from the vaccine and people dying from the vaccine? People truly underestimate the immune system and let the fear take over them regarding these illnesses.


(Ignore the below numbering and letters.  My postings get messed up sometimes.)

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Personally I am far more concerned about the long term effects on society as a whole from the use of widespread use of vaccines - especially some of the new bright ideas they have coming down the pike (DNA vaccines) DNA vaccines work by altering our DNA, changing us at a cellular level.

DNA vaccines require special technology to deliver the DNA not to the interstitial spaces between muscle cells, but into the muscle cell itself. And not just into the cell, but into the cell nucleus. Once the new DNA arrives, the muscle cell will be forced to produce viral proteins potentially for the rest of one's life. But hey it's ok because they can be produced more quickly than traditional vaccines.

I am of the opinion that vaccines have been altering our DNA a long time. I think there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is at least a very glaring possibility.

If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson.

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