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 national survey indicates a majority of physicians think parents' level of concern about vaccines has either greatly or moderately increased in the last five years.

Gee - I wonder why that is?? headscratch.gif


Here's the part that really got me




 About one-third of physicians say the vaccine discussions were negatively affecting their job satisfaction.

Boo friggin hoo!  I'm sorry - didn't mean to make your hate your job by trying to be an informed parents and make educated choices for my child rather than just take your word for everything. Seriously I want to  puke.gif when I read statements like that.

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I'm a nice person, and I REALLY wouldn't want to do anything to upset a pediatrician. I hope a lot of readers feel the same way, and decide to take their business elsewhere, for example to family practice doctors.


Edit: I noticed the word was "physician" although I still think that mostly referred to pediatricians. Family practice doctors don't depend on vaccine visits for the majority of their income, so it usually doesn't upset them so much when parents decline.

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This is just one more reason we see a natural-minded nurse practitioner with family practitioner backup. thumb.gif


Attitudes like this are driving people away from mainstream allopaths, especially pediatricians. They need to realize that the internet genie is out of the bottle and we don't have to take their word for it anymore. We can read about side effects, contraindications, drug interactions, safety studies (or utter lack thereof), and scariest of all, we can follow the money trail and learn exactly how and why certain pharmaceuticals are being pushed with such enthusiasm. It must be very bad for business.


Maybe instead of working so hard on "vaccine compliance", they should get back to treating sick patients and promoting overall health and wellness. Fingers crossed!

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Quote: About one-third of physicians say the vaccine discussions were negatively affecting their job satisfaction ."."


Why of course! They now have to actually answer to parents regarding their concerns of vaccines, what's in them, etc, which is something the physicians/pediatricians are not used to.  They're used to people immediately following the guidance of the AAP/CDC recommendations without question and keeping their mouth shut.  Now they have patients/parents yapping at them all day long about


I really wished I had a naturopath in my area and I am really upset that I don't.