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healthgirl's Avatar healthgirl 08:33 AM 06-22-2011

13 kids from three different schools in my district have contracted pertussis.  All of them were vaccinated.  My daugter, who is fully vaxxed to two is not in any of those schools.  However, I am concerned that she might come in contact with someone who has it and bring it home to my completely unvaxxed four year old.  The good news is that her last day of school is tomorrow.


Is there anything I should be doing now - any supplements I should be giving my kids - that might help ward off the disease or make it a mild case?  I've tried searching on the internet but I'm a little shaken up and a lot overwhelmed.  Thanks for any help you can offer. 

MyBoysBlue's Avatar MyBoysBlue 09:05 AM 06-22-2011

Search the net for "pertussis and vitamin c"


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ma2two's Avatar ma2two 12:44 PM 06-22-2011

I would not be concerned at all about a 4 year old contracting pertussis. I would treat pertussis or suspected pertussis with high doses of sodium ascorbate.