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DD saw a Naturopath twice.  Once at 1yo, then again at 2 just b/c I thought we should, but it really was a waste of time as she was growing and healthy.  The Dr had "radically" left his own kids unvaxed 40 yrs prior so we were totally supported in our choice.  We moved away from the town he was in and now the whole family shares a Dr in a nearby clinic, DD never had a Pediatrician. 


I don't believe in exposing DD or myself to sick environments for no darn reason!  I say go when there is a problem, otherwise trust yourself and the inherent wisdom of the body. 

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I have, and I am so happy that I did.  I would get some strange looks and sometimes the nurse would forget, and I would get an "Oh that's right" or "have you changed your mind at all"  But my doctor knows who I am and that have been researching it and continue to do it.  They know my kids and have even commented on how HEALTHY the always are.

I am so happy that I have a 5 1/2 year history with them.

Done with diapers!!

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Nooooo "well baby" visits for us!  We used to take our first two, until we figured out what a joke they were and that they were really only about vaccinating.  Plus, our kids got sick EVERY time we took them to the doctor.  It was more like "sick baby" visits for us.  Once we stopped vaccinating the kids (and have never vaccinated our youngest), we skip the visits.  Our kids don't have a pediatrician - they have a holistic chiropractor, who does *amazing* things that doctors can't even pretend to do.  (For instance, our second baby had chronic constipation, and we spent years giving her prescription meds via her mainstream doctor, and took her to a chiro once and he gave her probiotics after an adjustment and she has never again had constipation in her life).  Healthy kids don't need doctors.

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I can't remember the last time our daughters were at the doctor's.  We're only veeery rarely sick.  I've never had a doctor at the office cure or fix anything.  If one of us is sick enough to need medical attention we're going to the ER.

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Nope.  We started out going to every single one with my first, and then I started declining vaccines with her.  We took my second daughter for a well child checkup once and I just didn't see much point after that.   Then the ped I liked left the clinic and I took DD2 in once because I thought she might have an ear infection (she didn't) and got put through the wringer about vaccines, so I've never bothered to go back.  We have gone to the ER once with DD2 because she had a fall, but that's the extent of our doctors visits in the last 2.5 years.   It's a waste of my time and money, I can tell my kids are healthy and growing, and I can take care of any little colds we have just fine myself.

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