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Do they tend to be natural minded as well (i.e. okay with home birth, breastfeeding, delayed solids etc.) ??  I'd think they would be, but I can't seem to find that info on some of the doctors I'm looking into.


We've chosen not to vaccinate right now.  Whether we will change our minds in the future, I'm not sure - I'm not convinced either way - but we know that we don't want to vaccinate right now.  But I'm a bit discouraged by the doctors that are natural minded in seemingly everything except in the case of vaccination - and still manage to make you feel bad about your decision.  I came across a site with doctors who will not make you feel guilty about that choice but just want to make sure if we go to one of them, they won't be pushy about other things we have strong feelings about.   


Or do you just go to a family doctor instead?



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I can only answer about my pedi who is completely fine with not vaxing and is on board with the other things you mentioned. I've seen more natural docs like DOs that flipped when I said we didn't vax. 

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We've been to 2 pedis & both were very very pro... I'm looking for a new one right now.


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Why are you visiting the dr if you aren't vaccinating?

If you have sick children they shouldn't be vaccinating anyway.

If you want a reason not to vaccinate your lo, upon paying your first visit, just tell the dr your lo had been running a fever and you're not sure what it was so no vaccinations today but you'll discuss it for next time. You should then be able to get a feel for their opinion of vaccinating simply through discussion. Ask questions about their opinion of natural immunity and risks of vaccinations, etc. That conversation should be rather telling without your having to even make mention of your opinion.


Good Luck!



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We use a licenced naturapathic dr.  We've been using one for about 7 years now.  About 2 years ago, we tried a pediatrician thinking it would be less expensive with our insurance, but only had one appt. before we went back to the naturapath.  Osteopaths are often more accepting of alternative options in healthcare as well, I believe.  A nearby midwife or chiropracter may be able to point you in the right direction for a good primary healthcare physician.

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We just found, and LOVE, our new MD!  He does give vaccinations in his office, but he is non-vax friendly (and didn't vax his own kids).  He is homeopathic-leaning.  I don't breastfeed or cosleep any more, but I'm sure he'd be cool with that too.  Our last ped was very pro-breastfeeding (the nicest, most thoughtful nursing room I'd ever seen, didn't bat an eye when I pulled my then nearly 4yo DD into my lap to nurse) but was extremely pro-vax.  He didn't kick us out of his practice or anything, but gave us a nice lecture each and every time we came in.  We really don't go to the doctor's much, although we just went to our new MD to have a look-over since we are new to his practice and wanted to meet him.  I mean, I wouldn't hesitate to take my kids in if they were sick, they just really don't get sick.

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The nurse practicioner in a family practice I took my son to seemed pretty natural minded. She looked kinda granola chic and works part time and SAHMs part time. They make sure not to overprescribe antibiotics but rather educate parents on when those are needed and when not. The forms and discussions were holistic, covered mostly stuff like healthy diet, eating veggies and analyzing cravings etc and good exercise and sleep. We didn't see a doctor in years and when we needed forms for school done I found out the old practice no longer took non vax patients and neither did any of my friends' (looks like AAP/CDC has been cracking down on them lately). The vax refusal form at this place wasn't bad either, no "I understand I am putting my child's life at risk" and so on just that they support CDC schedule vaccination but respect our right to choose for ourselves. We only take our kids to health care when we need forms or have concerns so it's rare we visit but good to have someone (school sign up, one leg injury, newborn exams).

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