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Dixielane's Avatar Dixielane 11:24 AM 09-16-2011
:joyMy DD is going to a mothers day out - shes been at home with me up till this point (15mo) so it will be really fun for her.

When I register what if they ask for a vax record? She is unvaccinated, except for hep B at birth (before I made the decision)

Would it be bad to present her immunization card and check the boxes? I have the official one the hospital gave that you fill in each vaccination doctor visit. Hers is blank of course. I feel she shouldn't be discriminated against personally and that she is NOT a risk to anyone else so if I had to do it to let her in, shouldn't I? If they asked for a doctors letter or anything obviously I have none because we chose not to vax for personal reasons.

I think they wouldn't ask for more than that, but if they do ask period what should I do? IF they ask and I say no, and they don't allow nonvax'd kids, she has no other options. This is THE only program around for her age through a church.


Chloebelle's Avatar Chloebelle 11:46 AM 09-16-2011

What is "a mother's day out"? Are you sure they will ask about vaccinations? I wouldn't fill out the form falsely. At the end of the day, it's their policy, and you should respect that.


Monkeygrrl's Avatar Monkeygrrl 11:51 AM 09-16-2011

What kind of exemptions does your state have? I would make sure I have that letter/signature/whatever on hand, just in case. But they may not even ask for that kind of thing. 

ma2two's Avatar ma2two 12:25 PM 09-16-2011

They won't ask for her vaccination record.


At most, they might ask if she is vaccinated, and then you could say yes. But they probably won't even do that. And they definitely won't ask for proof.  



Dixielane's Avatar Dixielane 03:40 PM 09-16-2011
Thanks! If they asked for proof I will just see if they can take exemptions. Seems like a pain to get one at 16mo - but I really want her to go have fun and make friends.

mylilmonkeys's Avatar mylilmonkeys 03:52 PM 09-16-2011

I wouldn't falsify anything.  Chances are they won't ask, but there must be a database somewhere (at least in our state) because our private school was able to look up our records.  I doubt your personal records would qualify as proof anyway.  If there were a requirement, it would probably be in the form of something with a MD signature.


A good reason to be honest is for the protection of your own child.  If pertussis (say) is going around, you want to be notified so that you can keep your child home.

ma2two's Avatar ma2two 04:12 PM 09-16-2011


Originally Posted by mylilmonkeys View Post
A good reason to be honest is for the protection of your own child.  If pertussis (say) is going around, you want to be notified so that you can keep your child home.


If there is disease exposure in a childcare or school setting, every parent is notified. Not just parents of unvaccinated kids.


Also, a mother's day out program would not have access to a state vaccination database, unless they are part of a licensed childcare center. But that is a good reminder to get yourself removed from the database. 



philomom's Avatar philomom 05:16 PM 09-16-2011
Okay, I'm gonna say this and somebody out there will get upset... but a couple of times I have gotten by with writing "up to date" on the form. And its true my kids are up to date with the vaccines I chose to get them.redface.gif
JamieCatheryn's Avatar JamieCatheryn 03:38 PM 09-17-2011

Depending on how official the program is, they might not require vaccines/exemption forms. But it's official enough to need them, it's too official to give them fraudulant info. In Texas you need to request a form and fill it out - they allow religious and philosophical exemptions but make you jump through some hoops for it. Here is the info:


littlec's Avatar littlec 09:26 PM 09-25-2011

From my experience with working in and now sending my children to daycares, the staff cares more about being compliant with their licensing rather than if your kid has been vaccinated. So, if they require something, turn in an exemption form. Good luck!!!

MeTooMama's Avatar MeTooMama 07:44 PM 09-28-2011
I wouldn't lie. Quite frankly, if they can't handle that you are the parent maybe they're not the best group to hang out with. Are there any more crunchy parents you can hang out with in your area?