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why do you not vaccinate?


is it the ingredients (all the horrible extras and the dead/alive stuff)?


so if the ingredients were not harmful would you vaccinate?


i am sorry i have not had time to read and check out the forum on info like this. 


i know some of the well read moms elsewhere on MDC have alluded to old european info about the natural form of vaccinations. 


if you are against the basic philosophy of vaccinations and it isnt related to the additives they have now - why not?

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For us I really wanted the immune system to develop naturally.  We support the immune system with diet, excercise, and sleep.  My dd's are 11 and almost 9 and are very healthy.  I do question the decision from time to time but it so hard with asthma, exema, and allergies(amongst other things) all around us to not think that we are overloading these little bodies. 


I don't think I would change my decision if there were no horrible extras, well maybe if we could have them seperately and if we decide when is the right time and which ones. 



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This is an interesting question.


I initially disliked vaccines because of possible serious reactions - rare, I know, but pinning down how rare is tricky.  In most cases it seems the possibility of a serious vax reaction is higher than the possibility of getting the disease and having a serious reaction.


It is, however, more than that.  At the end of the day I do not choose invasive preventative health measure unless there is a true risk.


Example - I do not cut off foreskin on the off chance they might develop an issue with their penis, I do not remove tonsils (something routinely done in my parents generation) in case they might develop issues, I am unlikely to put someone on a round of preventative antibiotics unless there was a darn good reason. I declined goop in the eyes at birth.  Injecting a healthy person with a substance goes against what I believe.  


I think it would be very hard for me to trust the vaccination process to the point where I would ever consider vaxxing.  My DD brought a Gardasil sheet home for signature the other day. While it listed some risks, it really glossed over serious side effects. There is also serious under-reporting of side vaccine side effects to watchdog organisations.  There isn't a month that goes by on MDC without a post on "my baby had a bad reaction, I called the doctor, and they did not take me seriously."  Trust is a hard thing to win back.  


While I would not have said so while they were younger, I am increasingly feeling that vaccines are my childrens decisions.   If they want to inject their bodies with stuff once they hit adulthood - it is their bodies.  I am not going to do it on my watch.


This is my long winded way of saying  "both."






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I considered each vaccine- the ingredients, the reaction rate, the types of reactions, ways to treat reactions, chance of death or lasting disability

and each disease- likelihood of encountering, treatment, severity, chance of death/disability

and weighed them against each other.


I originally planned on selectively vaccinating on a delayed schedule, but I found no vaccines on the current schedule that I felt the benefits outweighed the risks.



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i agree wholeheartedly with kathymuggle. before my 1st child was born i researched, no internet then, only the hardcopies of mothering magazine and books. i chose not to vaccinate and i also had the support of my husband and his family, who also did not vaccinate. his mother is way ahead of her time (-:


my 3 daughters are now 26, 24 and 21. i have a 2 month old grand daughter now and my daughter and her husband are going through the vaccine dilemma, he doesn't know better, she does. luckily there is so much more info readily available with the internet. after doing some research again on this subject, i would again choose to NOT vaccinate my beautiful girls. they are all healthy and smart.


i also believe that not vaccinating is only part of the equation. we must remember that a healthy lifestyle is the most important part. i always made our food, grew an organic garden, never gave sugar or milk for years, only went to the dr as needed and it was a chiro/naturopath and even when my middle daughter had ear aches i never gave antibiotics, just took her to the naturopath who "packed" her ears and we took lots of vitamins and herbal remedies. we taught a healthy lifestyle to them and now it is up to them to make their own healthy choices.


most importantly i want to say: "don't be afraid to question!!" and to "do your own research and educate yourself in these subjects".


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Originally Posted by meemee View Post


"... alluded to old european info about the natural form of vaccinations...."




I am just curious about what natural form of vaccinations are you talking about?

The only natrual way of getting immunity is getting and actual desease in natural way, othervise it is inflicted..

hence unnatural. How any vaccine can be natural if you are injecting foreign viruses or bacterias and what not

into your system. What is natural about it? Just curious, not confrontational.  just curious.


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