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Hello, I have decide stop vaccinating my son due to the bad reactions he would get from shots. I am having another child in February and will have to send my 2 year old to daycare because the babysitter can't handle the 2 kids. I am so nervous that he will actually catch something from one of the vaccinated children and bring it home to the new baby. I do have him on vitamins and try to feed him as much of an organic diet as I can afford. Anyone have any ideas or advice to calm my nerves right now. I really appreciate it.


Also, I am using the religious exemption to get him in. Has anyone ever heard of a child being rejected for a religious exemption?


Thank you

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Well when my unvaxed (except for TdaP) kid went to preschool he caught lots of colds because he hadn't been exposed to much before but the diseases that are vaxed for are rarely passed around daycare (with the exception of whooping cough and possibly rotavirus I guess.)

If my older kid starts feeling bad/ getting sick I try to keep the baby separate from him (which is hard, now that she can walk and wants to be his shadow) and use good handwashing but it seems like he gets it, the baby gets it then I get it. I'm breastfeeding the baby and passing on antibodies to her that way and she doesn't seem to get as sick as my son or I do.

If the daycare is a private one, they might be able to refuse to accept non-vaxed kids but if they take any money from the state I believe they have to abide by the laws of your state- if the state ok's religious waivers you are good


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I think it depends on your state.  I believe, in IL the daycare or preschool does have the option to bar your child.  But, in reality, I haven't seen it.  My un vaxed son did daycare for a very short time and all they wanted was the form filled out even though it said he had not had any vaxes.  They said it was just a state law that they have the completed form signed by the doc, but it didn't matter what the form said.  (How about that for bureaucracy!)  And, the preschool hasn't said anything specific yet, but the did say the form was optional. 


I agree with PP that most VPDs do NOT go around daycare centers, but you may very well encounter more of the garden variety viruses. 

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any chance on hiring a sitter that can handle two kids? then you can keep them both home like you want. and as a former preschool teacher, i will say he will bring home tons of viruses from daycare, none are vax preventable, and expect him to be sick every month.  I have taught at a number of preschools thru out the country in many states and every one is the same, no matter how clean they are kept.. there are always going to be parents who send their ill child to daycare, no matter where you are. 

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Gosh, i don't think your problem is a vax one... I think you need to find a better babysitter!  LOL

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Originally Posted by blessedwithboys View Post

Gosh, i don't think your problem is a vax one... I think you need to find a better babysitter!  LOL

YES> This.





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I agree with others, I would find a better babysitter.


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If you want to keep both your children home, find a babysitter that can watch both. If you are happy sending your oldest to a center and are simply worried about him getting sick, I think the best thing you can do is just accept that it will happen. Kids get sick and kids get better. That's how an immune system is built. Yes, he probably will bring some of it home to your family and little one, but that could happen from the shopping cart at the grocery store, playing with friends or family, a kid at the mall, etc. Practice good hand washing, eat healthy foods, and nurse your baby. My second did get more sniffles than my first, but that could be for many reasons. I'm guessing a main one was having an older sister who brought home germs, but it could also have been time of year, different body different immune system, or anything else.

The reasons a daycare center can/not reject an exemption varies by state. If you need help looking into it, post what state you are in.

ETA: Remember that non-vaccinated children get sick and spread germs too. So does your babysitter, your husband, your parents, etc. That's why the best thing you can do is realize that people get sick and that is something our bodies are designed to handle. I only add this because you seem more afraid of vaxxed kids than anyone else, and I'm afraid when your son comes home with some bug (which he almost certainly will) that you will beat yourself up. Getting sick is actually a healthy and normal part of growing up.
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Sorry it took so long to reply. Thanks for your advice.


I am comfortable leaving the new baby with the sitter. She is an old lady and she is really good at watching the little ones. It would just be to much on her to watch the baby and my son because he is very active. I think he needs to go to daycare anyway so he can interact with the other children and I think it would be good for him. I know he is definitely going to get sick with colds, pink eye, etc. But my concern was for him being next to children that have just received the mmr vaccine, chicken pox vaccine or flu vaccine. Most of the research I have done has implied that a child can be contagious with those viruses after receiving the vaccine for them. I wasn't sure if my son would be at higher risk then because he won't be vaccinated for them. As far as the chicken pox vaccine, I am hoping that he gets chicken pox naturally and he will be immune to it then. I am just concerned about the timing of it with me having a newborn the time he goes to daycare. 


I finally did find a daycare that would accept him without vaccines. She said she would let me know when a child gets sent home with the flu or calls and says they have it or any other major illness so I can have the choice of dropping my son off or not. I told her my situation and that I am going to use the religious exemption and she was very understanding so that is one weight off my shoulder:)

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