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So, something came up on Facebook about virus mutations. Basically it was someone blaming mutations on the UNvaccinated, but it got me thinking.


Personally, I think that if there are any mutations of, say, Chicken Pox, it will be BECAUSE of the vaccines. It's a fight for survival for a living thing, it's adaptation.

Think of it this way - a species of fish goes for decades living in a clear clean stream with little to no pollutants. Then, that stream is polluted with toxins and the fish start to die. They might even get killed off so much that that species seems to disappear for a while. However, over generations of fish, that fish adapts to the harsh environment so that the species will continue to survive (ie, "mutates").

For those not good with analogies, the fish is Chicken Pox, the human body is the stream and vaccines are the pollutants.

Chicken Pox has survived by (mostly) harmlessly infecting bodies and being passed on. Someone decided this shouldn't be allowed any more and developed a vaccine. The CP therefor adapts to the changing environment and become STRONGER to survive. It adapts past vaccines and becomes (possibly) deadly.


In some ways, I guess maybe Measles is a better comparison since so many claim that measles was almost erradicated, but that it's the unvaccinated that are making it come back. Maybe not. Maybe it's just finally adapted past the vaccines...

Either way, if viruses start to mutate and are no longer vaccinatable or become more serious, it's the vaccine companies' own damn fault, IMO.


I was wondering if this made sense to anyone else, lol.

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yeah it is their fault, to some degree...there are other alternatives in the equation as well too. but i think their reasoning is, they can make money off of the cure for whatever it is that mutates or comes out of the laboratory and hits humans. i think the mutation would occur in the human host over a period of time that is parrallel to other evolution in mankind as well, like other toxic environments that could potentially cause havoc on the human immune system   in addition to man made ones. 

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