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baileyb's Avatar baileyb 08:40 AM 11-30-2011

ma2two's Avatar ma2two 12:12 PM 11-30-2011

As if there aren't already enough problems with vaccines. eyesroll.gif

emmy526's Avatar emmy526 12:17 PM 11-30-2011
Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 12:27 PM 11-30-2011

I wonder how those that view vaccination as valuable health tool feel about vaxing their children with Chinese-made vaccines?

beckybird's Avatar beckybird 12:46 PM 11-30-2011

Melamine  in Baby Formula, China. Safety fail.


Of course, if they manufacture vaccines for the USA, they would be subjected to our regulations and inspections, right? This is to assure that Chinese vaccines are just as safe as US's vaccines. (Sarcasm--safe US vaccines, what a thought. Are there any safe ones?)

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