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Hello. My name is Markus. I am a father of two children, a soon to be 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy. For some reason I have always been very conscientious about vaccines. We have our children on a delayed and alternate vaccine schedule. My daughter received HepB, Polio, Tdap and HIB. She also received one MMR and one PC. Only one vaccine at a time and always 4-6 weeks in between. Often longer. 


Here is what I generally think about vaccines:



"I'm not denying the effectiveness of vaccines against deadly, crippling diseases like polio...but why does a newborn or 2 month old need a Hepatitis B vaccine when Hepatitis B is contracted in the same manner as HIV--through blood, semen and vaginal fluid? Are these babies shooting up heroin, having unprotected sex or engaging in other high-risk behaviors on the day of birth? 

Why does an infant or toddler require a Chicken Pox vaccine when Chicken Pox is rarely (if ever) fatal? Same goes for HPV, influenza and measles. Vaccinations against deadly, pandemic diseases are indisputably necessary, but untimely vaccination against rarely lethal diseases or diseases children are unlikely to distract bear an unnecessary risk.


I also want to address the notion that unvaccinated children bring back diseases: The vast majority of adults are not up to date on their boosters, not even near up to date. Because vaccinations "wear off" after about seven years, most adults in the US are not vaccinated. There has been no increase in diseases like mumps, measles or rubella."


I was always concerned that vaccines could harm my children, but also know that statistically there is a likelihood they could contract a disease when they are not vaccinated. 


Three months ago my perfectly healthy daughter was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes mellitus. Since then I took a closer look at the correlation between type-1 diabetes and vaccines. I found that there are several correlations. 


Personally I feel that there is no evidence that vaccines prevent diseases. There is no causation to refer to. Its all correlational evidence. 


I feel that there is enough evidence that pediatricians should warn parents of those side effects. Yet, we were not warned. 


I am seriously thinking about filing a lawsuit. Pediatricians and the pharma industry needs to be held accountable for not fairly warning of serious possible side effects. 


What does everyone else think about this?

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i think pharma is shielded from lawsuits against have to file a VAERS report.

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Part of the problem here is proving it was the vaccine/s that cause the chronic illness. I myself began researching the link between diabetes and vaccines as well as thyroid disorders based on my own chronic illness. I have an uncle who has narcolepsy and claimed that he didn't have it until he joined the military and blamed them for it and then I heard about the H1n1 vaccine link to narcolepsy and thought dam it he isn't crazy he's probably right due to the fact they give military all sorts of vaccinations the general public does not normally get. You can make a Vaers report but proving a link between you childs diabetes and the vaccine will be futile in my very honest opinion. Try please for the rest of us get it documented and maybe some good will come from it eventually but a lawsuit will not work as pp mentioned pharma is protected from lawsuits. Good luck and I'm sorry your daughter has to deal with this illness.

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I'm sorry about your daughter's diagnosis.


.but why does a newborn or 2 month old need a Hepatitis B vaccine when Hepatitis B is contracted in the same manner as HIV--through blood, semen and vaginal fluid?

The experts say it is because the baby may get Hep B from the mother if she wasn't tested prior to delivery or if the test was false negative. It is possible to get Hep B from household members. Hep B can survive on surfaces(toothbrush,drinking glass,ect) a lot longer than HIV. If little babies get Hep B it is typically a severe form of the disease, where adults can walk with it and not even be aware. IMHO the reason it is given to newborns is because the people at risk for Hep B (iv drug users, prostitutes ect.) weren't easily pinned down for the 3 shots. CDC figured they'd get everyone vaccinated before the few that were going to started the risky behavior. Hep B rates have gone down, so I am sure they are very happy about vaccinating newborns and probably would like to give them more.


Some vaccines are given not really to protect the child from the disease, but to prevent the child from spreading the disease to at risk groups. Whooping cough in older children and adults can be not that bad but can kill babies under 3 month old. Rubella is no big deal to kids but can cause birth defects. That's where the provaccine crowd gets their argument that non-vaxers are "selfish"... not willing to potentially sacrifice your child's health to protect society.


You can report to VEARS but since there is no "proof" that vaccines cause DM 1 you probably would get nowhere with a law suit. I'm sorry.

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Even with proof, you cannot sue the pharmaceutical industry, nor the physician.  They have blanket liability protection.


You can try to sue in "Vaccine Court," but you will be up against government (pharma-paid) lawyers and "experts," and you will have to pay your own costs.  If you lose, you pay them as well.  It's a mockery of justice at best--and the stress involved will ruin your entire family's health even more.


I think the best you can do is to post your research and experience everywhere you can--on forums like this, on diabetes forums, parenting forums, and start your own blog.  You may be able to start discussion groups at your public library and/or school, and present your information there as well. Write an article for your hometown paper.


Get the word out.


As for your daughter, there is also a VERY strong link between Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease--and yes, there are mainstream science, peer-reviewed studies supporthing this.  There is an outside chance that her condition may normalize if you get her 100% off gluten ASAP.  Iwould NOT bother with an endoscopy/biopsy, which is how most mainstream docs like to diagnose celiac.  Ask for a celiac panel (blood test) ASAP, and don't take her off gluten before the blood is drawn, or it will be an automatic negative (gotta be eating gluten in order to make the antibodies they test for).


I am not diabetic, but I have celiac--which was triggered by vaccines, when I was an adult.


Best of luck, and PLEASE write back and let us know how it goes.

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Wow, so surprised to see this, while just "browsing" the mothering site for the first time in about a year. My daughter is 6, and was diagnosed with Type-1 when she was just two years old. This was AFTER her 4th "Comvax" (2-in-1 HepB/Hib) shot. She was sick right after the 4th one, when she was 12 months old. I switched Peds after they told me she caught the flu from their office. Then that year pre-diagnosis, she was changing for the worse each month. We almost lost her the night she was dx'd, from severe DKA. My husband and I will always believe that her vaccines had something to do with zapping her pancreas. And right now, in my world, I really see Type-1 in kids as sort of an epidemic. I mean, just in our ENDO practice alone, I hear there are little kids being diagnosed weekly. What the hell is going on?? Something is triggering this, in this particular generation.


Oh and if you google Comvax/Merck, you can get the insert from that particular vax. ONe of the side effects is JUVENILE DIABETES.


Since her dx, we have found a wonderful ped who lets us delay or do selective vax (with our 22 month old son, he has only had 4 single vaxes so far in his life). Anyway, I know what your life is like right now, so if you need to reach out on a PM to me, please do. I love the childrenwithdiabetes forums, but there are a ton of people on there who will fight you on this issue. They just will never believe that a vax could have done that to their child.







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Kristin, there is a link between type 1 diabetes and celiac disease--you may want to test your daughter for celiac, and, even if the test is negative, start a gluten-free diet.


 I am not diabetic, but I did have a "pre-diabetes" dx that disappeared when I stopped eating gluten.


And my celiac was triggered by a bunch of vaccines I received at once.

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