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maryottk's Avatar maryottk 04:08 PM 01-02-2012

I need to run a exemption form into my sons new school. Is this all I need to take them?




cyberfish's Avatar cyberfish 05:32 PM 01-02-2012

When I was in VA, we needed that form to be notarized.  Most banks will provide a free notary service if you have an account with them.  I just took it in, had it notarized, and submitted it.  It was pretty easy. 

allisonrose's Avatar allisonrose 10:52 AM 05-01-2012
Bumping an aged thread because I am new to Virginia and getting ready to send my not fully vaxed son to preschool. The director looked at me kind of funny when I mentioned he is not fully vaxed and said they have only had one student in all their years not fully vaxed.

Is it as easy as printing off that form and getting it notarized?
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