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limette's Avatar limette 09:50 AM 03-24-2012
No vax. It is bleeding a lot. Do I need to worry?

illiterati's Avatar illiterati 11:32 AM 03-24-2012
Personally, I would see a doctor and consider a tetanus shot. But we selective vax, and opted for DTAP specifically because we live in a rural area and there is leftover barbed wire laying all over like a mine field.
erinmattsmom88 11:56 AM 03-24-2012

When did this happen, and where exactly was the nail?

limette's Avatar limette 04:03 PM 03-24-2012
It happened in the house. The nail was in a piece of wood that was cut to start a fire. The wood was from a pile that was in the barn that was cut a couple of weeks ago from an old rabbit hutch that we bought from a friend. Last time rabbits were in it was about 6 months ago. We have chickens, geese, ducks and rabbits on our property. There were cows 20 years ago. No dirt or anything on the nail. It went into his foot new the toe, so not very deep. I've been soaking it in salt water but I'm tempted to go get the Tig shot. I keep going back and forth.
MomRunner's Avatar MomRunner 08:16 PM 03-24-2012
I would get him the shot. Just because the nail looked clean doesn't mean that it was. Those tetanus spores can love a loooooong time. This really is a classic case of how people get tetanus, and if this happened to my kiddo, I would go ahead and do it. Google opisthotonos. Not nice. That is what medicine is there for - he is at significant risk, protect him. Sorry that this happened, hope everything heals up quickly!
alegna's Avatar alegna 09:01 PM 03-24-2012

Since it bled well I wouldn't be TOO worried personally.  I would talk to a trusted dr if you have one.  If they suggest TIG I might consider it.  If they just want to do the vax I wouldn't bother- knowing that would do no good.

Carhootel's Avatar Carhootel 09:39 PM 03-24-2012
I had a similar experience and we ended up going for the vax. Hugs greensad.gif my DSs did not bleed much and that scared me because I felt like it wasn't flushing/expelling naturally and that made me worry even more about tetanus

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limette's Avatar limette 05:38 AM 03-25-2012
Hubby looked at the wood and said it's from the upstairs window frame not the rabbit hutch. The doctors around here aren't too bright and I'll have to call around to make sure they carry the Tig.

There's so much conflicting advice online. I just feel like if I go in for this I might as well get everyone the vax or else I'll be going in for every injury.
emmy526's Avatar emmy526 06:31 AM 03-25-2012

if it bled a lot, i wouldn't worry...tetanus spores live best in a dry wound where it can fester, because theres no blood to wash it away.  I'd keep it clean and soak it once a day in epsom salts to draw out any dirt as well as dry up the wound. 

limette's Avatar limette 04:51 PM 03-25-2012
Went to the hospital, they wouldn't give the Tig. Said it's only if you have a confirmed case of Tetanus. Tried to convince dh to give him the immunization and freaked out because he doesn't have the other shots.
emmy526's Avatar emmy526 05:09 PM 03-25-2012

Originally Posted by limette View Post

Went to the hospital, they wouldn't give the Tig. Said it's only if you have a confirmed case of Tetanus. Tried to convince dh to give him the immunization and freaked out because he doesn't have the other shots.

i think she was misinformed., is some info on it



Passive, transient protection against tetanus in any person that may be contaminated with tetanus spores when: (1) patient's personal history of immunization with tetanus toxoid is unknown or uncertain, (2) person received less than 2 prior doses of tetanus toxoid, or (3) person received 2 prior doses of tetanus toxoid, but delay of more than 24 h occurred between time of injury and initiation of tetanus prophylaxis.


it doesn't say anything about having to have a confirmed case of tetanus in order to get a dose of this vaccine.   and if in fact she is wrong, you should file a complaint with the hospital for having such ill informed staff working there, and she could have possibly done your child or someone else's child a grave disservice.   

Slmommy's Avatar Slmommy 06:27 PM 03-25-2012

Here is an insert from a brand of tig


page #3 shows that if unvaccinated, tig is indicated for all wounds other than "clean and minor." Vax now would do nothing for this current event, as far as I understand, they just want to get everyone covered and take the oppurtunity to do so while you are there...


This is really ridiculous, please file a complaint. 

High vax rates are taking away important medical knowledge... because the vax will just prevent everything ! duh.gif

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 08:32 PM 03-25-2012

I'm curious about the nail part.  As a professional gardener I was advised to get a Tetanus shot because the spores live in the soil.  Am I misinformed to understand that nails are not a likely way to get tetanus?  Of course, that's the classic scenario, but I was lead to believe that it is a myth--that gardeners like me are more likely to get them from wounds that get in contact with the soil, not rusty nails?


You ladies on this forum are so great at this stuff and I don't mean to hijack the thread, but maybe someone could enlighten me here.

alegna's Avatar alegna 09:45 PM 03-25-2012

Really tetanus is *everywhere*  Look at stats and you'll find it's incredibly rare.  Look at historical stats and you'll find it's ALWAYS been incredibly rare.  Sure it's in the dirt.  It's in the dust in your house too.  The reason that it is rare is that it is very difficult to contract.  Statistically your most likely injuries to be a tetanus risk are extensive burns or crushing injuries (like car accidents or major trauma)  Those increase the risk of tetanus due to the likelihood of injuries without good blood flow to the area.

Magali's Avatar Magali 12:15 PM 03-27-2012

Hey Limette, just checking in to see how you are doing. 

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