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fussamama's Avatar fussamama 04:22 PM 03-30-2012

My sister shared this link on FB and I wanted to share it with all of you.  I have only read the intro and am just starting to read the 'free' chapter called the Vaccine Paradox. 


Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D is an immunologist who has find out through her own research the concerns associated with vaccination.


Here is the intro to her book:

Here is the 'free' chapter:


Hope you all find it as interesting as I do!



shiningpearl's Avatar shiningpearl 06:48 PM 03-30-2012

I have to wait till Sunday when I can borrow it on my Kindle.   But it's in my wish list and can't wait to read it. 


beckybird's Avatar beckybird 10:27 PM 03-30-2012

That looks like a great book!

I enjoyed this:

"The vaccine-induced process, although not resembling a natural disease, is nevertheless still a disease process with its own risks. And it is not immunity that we gain via vaccination but a puny surrogate of immunity. For this reason, vaccination at its core is neither a safe nor an effective method of disease prevention. Yet, immunologists have nothing better to offer because they can only go as far as their deeply rooted immunologic dogma allows them."



shiningpearl's Avatar shiningpearl 11:38 AM 04-03-2012

It was is a great book, I only wish she had more information in it.  I wanted her to elaborate more and talk about more of the vaccines.  It is a great book for introducing vaccine awareness, written in a very scientific way and includes scientific studies.  It is also interesting for someone who has studied the topic for years.  She asks a lot of questions for you to think for yourself and try to find the answers.  

CookAMH's Avatar CookAMH 11:29 PM 04-18-2012

Thanks for posting this. I've read about vaccines for a few years so this would be a good one to read next.

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