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I'm just wondering what kinds of things will keep an infant in optimal health for not being vaxed? ? Vit a,c,d? I wanted to find a homeopathist for constitutional treatment...apparently none exist in my town though.
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Nothing in particular. Okay, breastfeed and make sure your nutritional intake is as optimal as you can make it. Avoid as many environmental chemicals and toxins as you can, drink clean water, and especially without added sodium fluoride in it. Try and ensure your life is as stress-free as possible and do not allow fear (of whatever) to take over your life. Make sure you and the baby get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. Keep your baby close to your body as much as you can, ie wear them for the majority of the day. Nature, contrary to modern medical science, is not a moron; the infant immune system is perfect if left alone and is part of the mother/child dyad. Personally, and I know I am in a minority, I wouldn't spend two seconds worrying about sick people or those recently vaccinate. 

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Also, realize that fever is protective. It's an important immune function and when reduced, also reduces the activity of leucocytes, neutrophils, phagocytes and lymphoctyes when the body is most in need of defense from infectious pathogens. It's a life saver, literally, reducing fever increases morbidity and mortality.


Newborns with fever may need medical attention.

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Breastfeeding and avoiding toxic ingredients, such as those in vaccines, makes the top of my list.  :)


Also, getting plenty of regular exercise (for an infant, that might mean tummy time and rolling around on the floor when the time comes, then later pulling up on things, crawling, toddling, etc.)  and getting outside for fresh air and sunshine at least once a day.

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What about probiotics? My baby had about a month of pretty bad diarrhea around 5 mos and our ped said probiotics were a good idea for general immunity. I'm breastfeeding, so I'm sure there are plenty of natural probiotics going on, but I still give her a dose of the powdered stuff when I think of it.

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eat a plant-based, mainly organic diet low in sugar and processed foods.  


get fresh air / exercise on every possible day (not always possible in New England)


my toddler gets a multivitamin every day, along with extra D3, C, DHA, and Probiotics 


drink a shake with hemp protein and "vitamineralgreen" every day (this can get expensive so I don't always have it in the house but we try to make it a priority) 


get plenty of sleep (right now this is exclusive to my toddler as DH and I are up quite a bit with our 4 week old!)


do non-invasive acupuncture and Chinese herbs (this has been a wonderful addition for our toddler who at one point last year had a few back to back colds.  I took him to my old acupuncturist and she showed us some things to do at home, and prescribed daily herbs which surprisingly are not expensive. He's been very healthy since!)


I think we all also have to accept that you can do everything "right" and still get sick.  It's just a part of life, so when it happens, try not to worry about what "you did wrong"!!  I say this because it is something I struggled with a LOT with my first son :)

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-Breastfeed for as long as possible.

-Ensure your diet is nourishing whilst breastfeeding.

-Don't live in a sterile environment (or try to recreate one). Follow safe food guidelines and basic handwashing hygiene (with soap and hot water, no disinfectants please).

-Understand that fevers are your friend.

-A daily supplement of vitamin C, D and A never hurt anyone. Probiotics are also helpful.

-DO NOT expose your newborn or young infant to anyone who is sick. This may sound silly in light of the idea that exposure to bacteria builds ones immune system, however, newborns and young infants are not well equipped to handle a cold or flu or heaven forbid, Pertussis. Keep babies at home as much as you can for the first 6 months of life.

-Ensure your child gets enough sleep.

-Try to ensure that your child has little to no sugar in their diet.

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