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Pertussis 1 16.67%
Tetanus 2 33.33%
Measles 2 33.33%
Mumps 1 16.67%
Polio 6 100.00%
None of them 13 100.00%
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bluedaisy's Avatar bluedaisy 09:03 PM 05-18-2012

We don't vaccinate, but I would consider giving vaccines if I felt my child was at high risk of contracting a serious disease that could be life threatening or have lifelong complications.


For those of you who do not vax your children, would you consider giving the vaccine if there were periodic outbreaks of any of the following diseases where you live, or would you risk your child getting the disease rather than risk them getting the vaccine?









For me:

Pertussis - I think I'm more concerned about the risk of the vaccine, although pertussis really scares me.  probably not

Tetanus - unsure

Measles - no, I'm not scared of measles, it's often not life threatening and no long term complications

Mumps - nope, same as measles

Polio - unsure


What about you?

Bokonon's Avatar Bokonon 10:16 PM 05-18-2012

I might consider polio if there was a large outbreak right in my area, unless there had already been other outbreaks in the US with no resulting paralysis and/or deaths (and by large, I'm not really sure what numbers.  I'd have to do a lot of thinking about it.).  But I would feel more comfortable getting my kids the IPV if I felt it was necessary than I do DTaP or MMR.


Tetanus is not communicable, so there aren't outbreaks.


I was afraid of pertussis, got my kids DTaP (which was my son's 5th dose, as I didn't question vaccines until my daughter was over 2 months).  My son had a reaction and spent the next 8 months sick.  Was even tested for pertussis.  So they will not be getting DTaP again.  Pertussis would have been preferable to what we went through with him sick and hurting for so long, with no diagnosis and nothing to effectively treat it (we tried antibiotic after antibiotic and homeopathics).


Measles and mumps don't scare me.  


I'm not so firmly rooted in my stance that I wouldn't consider vaccination in certain situations, but it would have to be something I can't foresee at the moment.

Taximom5's Avatar Taximom5 07:33 PM 05-19-2012

There is no such thing as a tetanus outbreak.

nukuspot's Avatar nukuspot 08:09 PM 05-19-2012
Well I might have said pertussus but since we are in an outbreak here and I haven't after researching, I guess no. That was unexpected, I guess in a different circumstance I would have said yes but since the DTaP us so ineffective as far as pertussis immunity, needs SO many doses, and has a history of scary side effects I ultimately decided not to at this time. No for any of the MMRs. Polio, yes I would do the IPV since I am unaware of severe side effects from the vaccine and I think the benefits would outweigh the risks. But that's unlikely to happen, unless we travel to an area where polio is still endemic (which we might one day). Tetanus--Like they said, not possible to have an outbreak. But if my kids were having a higher risk (like going to a horse camp or camping/backpacking a lot in the backcountry with limited ways to clean a wound I would. I'm actually considering doing DT or DTaP anyway sometime before each turns 5 and is in full time K. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, I guess.
wolfybaby's Avatar wolfybaby 01:05 PM 05-21-2012

pertussis: is ALWAYS a risk, as it is endemic in most places [especially in my state, washington]. it can be treated with vitamin c saturation and according to the cdc, there is really only a risk of death in infants 3 months and younger. 


tetanus: can be prevented by using common sense. ;P


measles: is not a scary disease if the child has adequate nutrition. treatable. plus, natural infection provide lifelong immunity, whereas the vaccine does not.


mumps: same as above.


polio: i do not believe the IPV, the only polio vaccine available in most developed nations, is effective whatsoever. and the OPV, banned in my county, is far too dangerous for me to even consider. while polio is scary when its a bad case, it usually isnt. there is a 1-2% chance of the infection causing paralysis, temporary or permanent. and in that slim chance, theres an even slimmer percentage of death. 

lisamarie1081's Avatar lisamarie1081 02:26 PM 05-21-2012

My husband would vaccinate for anything with or without an outbreak.  Luckily, I've sold him on the no vax argument by simply saying to him, "He is so strong and so alert and so bright .... do you really want to risk that?"


I, on the other hand, would not vaccinate if there was an outbreak of anything.  I believe in supporting the immune system in other ways.  I give my 4 month old DS a few shots of collodial silver each day as an immune boost and protection from viruses ... I also administer vitamin C daily.  I also use a variety of essential oils on him ....  he has not even had a sniffle since he was born. 


THat's all not to mention that I do believe in fostering natural immunity if he were to contract anything of "concern".  The whole chickenpox argument is ABSURD!


ps -- dh and i are divided, but so far he's let me take the reigns .... we are currently a no vax family.  YAY!  :)

nukuspot's Avatar nukuspot 04:38 PM 05-21-2012

Just wanted to say I reported "Evidencebased" who is very obviously a troll to the Mods.

purslaine's Avatar purslaine 04:49 PM 05-21-2012

Vaccines listed I would not vaccinate for in the event of an outbreak:


Tetanus:  not contagious


Pertussis:  no - I do not find the pertussis vaccine particularly effective.  The only subset who would give me pause is an infant, but even then I would probably not vaccinate.


Mumps:  no.  Exception - if a male child past puberty was worried about infertility (and knew the stats on the unlikeliness but was still worried) and there was an outbreak, I would probably sign off on a vaccine.


Vaccines I would consider:


Measles:  Maybe - probably not.  I would need to look into complication rates from measles a bit further, and who is at risk.


Polio.  Maybe.  I do not know enough about the disease at this moment to make a decision.

lilbsmama's Avatar lilbsmama 06:44 PM 05-22-2012

Nope. In the event of an outbreak for anything, vaccine related or not, we would be amping up our health routines, staying away from crowded places, etc. I don't believe that vaccines are safe or effective.

bluedaisy's Avatar bluedaisy 09:22 AM 05-23-2012

thanks for your replies everyone....we are moving to Kampala, Uganda and these are the VPDs that they see occasionally there (I've been emailing a doctor there), so I'm reconsidering whether the increased risk of getting any of these illnesses would convince me to get one of the vaxes.  I was confident in not vaxing but then I posted another thread on this board and got attacked for bringing my unvaxed kids to Uganda so it made me reconsider.  I think the Polio is the only one I'm seriously considering at this point and maybe tetanus.


Wolfybaby - do you have any more info about the inactivated polio being ineffective?  Uganda is currently polio free but there have been outbreaks in the past, likely from the OPV which is still used there - can a child who gets polio from teh vax pass it on to my child?



LoveOurBabies's Avatar LoveOurBabies 09:42 AM 05-23-2012

Pertussis - No (vitamin C saturation, adequate vitamin A)

Measles - No (ensure vitamin A is adequate as well as general nutrition)

Mumps - No (ditto)

Tetanus - Not communicable and not predictable, so it's a possibility that we may vax for prevention. This is the vax that scares me though! I have read about tetanus and vitamin C (1g/day), but I'm not 100% at ease with it yet.

Polio - No (vitamin C, A and general good nutrition)

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