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I'm Not Vaccinating > Friend asked her pedi if it was "safe" to be around my kid!
serenbat's Avatar serenbat 02:30 PM 06-13-2012
And I'd never thought of it like that...yes, he got whooping cough a few months after getting the vaccines. His siblings didn't get it and there was more exposure in the elementary school than in the middle school.

this kind of non-getting it never seems to get much play as to why exactly


we currently have an "outbreak" near us and most are in their early 20's (NO info or their vac status) and clearly (given the LIMITED info on it!!) it is not spreading among families-(like would be expected and as we are often told) and they did mention (in my area) that MOST people are not tested to even see that it really is whopping cough that they really have! 

purslaine's Avatar purslaine 06:54 PM 06-13-2012
Originally Posted by Shull View Post



My worry as a mom is do I justify no vax for my older three and limited vax for my next "batch?" (just used batch because it seemed appropriate as we are planning on having at least two, possibly three)


If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!



I do not think you need to justify anything.


When you made the decision for your first borns, both parents were onboard with vaccination with non-vax.


This time round, both parents have different ideas, so you are compromising and trying to reach a consensus between this baby's parents.


Your ex's partner gets no say in the vax status of the older children.  


if he had a genuine change of heaqrt on his own, I would listen to him, but I would expect the following to be on the table if we were to negotiate:


1.  he would have to do a decent amount of research to prove he was serious.  He should be making an informed choice

2.  I would like to see some flexibility - not all vaccines and diseases carry the same weight.  


A dogmatic "they should be caught up because I say so, and no, I have not done any research" would not fly around here.  


Does your divorce or separation agreement spell out how medical decisions are made?

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