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They did an episode featuring a soon-to-be mother who was not wanting to vaccinate (but didn't seem to have done any research) and the whole point of Rosie's involvement was to convince her she was wrong.


*bangs head against a wall*

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Ugh.  Another media vote for the world to think we are all minions of Jenny McCarthy.

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i like me some occasional Bravo and saw that horrid episode. I do understand that i differ from mainstream and don't expect my views to show up regularly on tv, but when i see my similar views or values being totally misrepresented or represented by someone in the extreme or ignorant i cringe. i almost had to stop watching it, my blood was boiling a bit. that mom was clearly uneducated about vaccinating, and although they made her seem so staunch in her beliefs she sure changed her mind pretty quickly. and yes, another media vote to bunch us all into the crazy people category. 


it kinda reminds me of the TIME magazine cover, with the mom nursing her 3 year old. there are a million ways to represent attachment parenting, but they chose that image. i get that they're main motive is to sell product, and controversy sells.

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I was happy to see that new episodes of this show was on during the summer, when the pickings can be a bit slim for TV entertainment.  However, that episode really irked me.  I tried to watch the newest episode, but I am so turned off now.  Bummer!

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I couldn't finish watching that reeked of CDC/pharma endorsement....i found it to be SO biased, it should not have been shown on tv..if they really wanted to give mom all the facts, they would have had more than one or two people telling the mom she is wrong, and they would have shown the other side of the debate.   Good ole mainstream media!

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I hate that show!.  Her mommy quizzes, or whatever she calls them are so condescending.  I couldn't even watch that whole episode and haven't watched it since.

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