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Hello all, I have a 2 year old daughter who was vaccinated until 18months and had no reactions to them. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and most likely choosing NOT to vaccinate this time. It was a huge decision because it amplified the guilt I feel for vaccinating my 2 year old. Although it hasn't seemed to effect her negatively, I am very interested in detoxifying her system of heavy metals and other toxins that this may have caused. I know one was is through something called chelation, but from what I understand it is also risky and seems to be done in extreme cases where the child has autism or other major reactions. 


I am looking for more natural methods to detoxify her system (I know avoiding flour and sugar are two) but I would definately like more information.


Please help!

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You need to be EXTREMELY careful with chelation; in the process of chelating out heavy metals, you can also chelate out things like calcium, which you NEED.


There has been at least one fatality, because the doctor doing the chelating used the wrong chelating agent.


As far as I know, chelation is never recommended unless there is proof that it is needed.


If there was no obvious effect from vaccines, it is likely that your daughter's body already excreted the heavy metals from the vaccines, which means that further chelation is unnecessary.


If the heavy metals already crossed the blood-brain barrier (which sounds very unlikely in your daughter's case, if she has no obvious problems), then chelation would be unlikely to help.


Unless you have reason to suspect heavy metal toxicity in your daughter, I would stick with a basic healthy diet--low on refined sugars and refined flours, high on vegetables, fruit, protein.

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Read this... full of all kinds of great discussion and detox, nutrition etc.

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If your child is healthy, in addition to there being no need to chelate, there is no need to detox.  If her gut hasn't processed out any toxin in the last 6 months since her last vaccination, nothing you make her eat or not eat will lead to her gut processing it now.  "Detox" is often code for "poop constantly" in supplement/health food marketing, and while adults sometimes enjoy the resulting weight loss, it's not healthy or safe for a toddler. 


A basic healthy diet is your best bet here.  Whole wheat, fruits and veggies, and plenty or protein and fats to support brain development. 

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Another vote for leave it alone. She seems healthy, right?  One of the issues I have with vaxxing is taking a healthy infant and injecting them with stuff that could make them sick (adverse side effects, etc).  Likewise - I would be hesitant to put a healthy child through a detox.  Why mess with things if they are going well?


Are you worried about specific ingredients?  If you are worried about mercury and aluminum, you can take steps to minimize her exposure.

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